Neptune Enters Pisces Today

Overall, this ingress is an opportunity to come to know ourselves as spiritual, divine beings having human experiences, and not the sum of our histories and memories.

Before the wonderful uplifting elements of Neptunian energy can really be experienced, though, we have to shed illusion, deception, false hopes, and escapism. We have to become utterly present to the truth of what precisely is happening and why, as well as what is our part in it.

With this ingress we’ll hear from astrologers that it’s time to celebrate because a new age is here and other things like that. Because the volume on Neptune energy is now going to be turned up (it just entered what is considered its own sign), all Neptunian elements of self need to be checked in with and – if you want to actually evolve with this transit – brought into the present tense.

Look at what you tend to want to escape. There is a “why” that is craving to be seen. Neptune is simultaneously illusion and truth, and each and every one of us can get caught up in the illusion or facade before we find the truth. But the illusion seems like the truth and part of us wants the illusion to be real – and so there’s a setup for deluding the self.

We each need meaning in our lives and to feel part of a greater whole. We don’t have to allow ourselves to be deceived by appearances, wishing, escapism, and false hopes. We can choose to orient toward the truth no matter what and stay focused on the vibration of truth, leaving behind what part of us hopes turns out to be truth.

This combo of Neptune and Pisces asks us to release identities that no longer serve us. We can thrive by releasing conceptions of self and moving into a greater level of awareness of who we are and what we’re doing here. It tells us that to evolve now spiritually, we must leave behind all attitudes, choices, and behaviors that separate us from our personal truth. It says that if want to mature spiritually we simply must stop escaping the reality of our feelings, thoughts, and lives – we must choose to stop escaping the experience of being us.

Tomorrow begins the next “Soul Healing: Forgiveness” e-course built around channeled teachings from Djehuty – a.k.a. Thoth and St Germain – to help you release false and illusion-based identities across time, which is to say in all of your soul’s various lives as a human. This is powerful work and timed perfectly for Neptune’s ingress to the sign of surrender.

You are not your histories. You are not your choices. You are not how you have been treated by others and how you have treated others. You are a Divine being learning what it is to be human, which involves making choices through free will and then dealing with the results of those choices.

Are you ready to release the past? Are you willing to come into and live in the present tense?

Join me for the e-course beginning tomorrow – it will change your life in wonderful ways and help you see how to get and be present as the Divine being that you are.

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