The Body Speaks: Neptune in Pisces and Cleansing

The ingress of Neptune to Pisces presents us with many possibilities regarding shifting and evolving consciousness. The one I’m experiencing most is about how my body reacts and relates to food.

A few days ago I decided to start a juice fast. For a few months I’d felt it was time to do another but I kept hearing that I needed to keep up with the protein intake and so delayed the cleanse. When Neptune hit Pisces on February 3rd, I felt it was time. I let myself run out of eating food and started getting vegetables to juice, and the first day was Monday.

It was also the last day! I’ve fasted before and knew what to expect, so I was ready for the “off” feeling and hunger. But I realized that I needed to do a parasite cleanse, and I intuited that at this time it would be better to be eating on a regular basis to make sure whatever died off in that process was moving out on a regular basis. I could have chosen to do a salt water flush daily or every other day, but that didn’t feel right.

The next day I began eating fruit and continued juicing vegetables, and started the parasite cleanse. Today is Friday, so it’s been four days since starting to eat this way. The shift in my energy is remarkable and it lead me to do some research about fruitarians’ experiences. These are people who eat fruit only, though the definition of fruit is actually wider than we were taught as kids. (For example, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, avocados, and other things count.)

So, for days I have not had what we perceive as enough protein. We’re fine for a while with the small amounts taken in from fruit, but to eat that way on a regular basis one has to eat a lot of fruit. That’s been blowing my mind – looking at the quantities of fruit eaten each day by fruitarians. Even as my mind can’t adjust to the concept of that way of eating and living, a part of me gets it.

And this is what’s different: there’s a part of me that can see through the fog of my mind regarding the various ways I’ve eaten in my life. I grew up eating in ways that made me feel sick, and continued that into adulthood. I went through a big adjustment fasting for one day each week – a few years ago – for a total of about 3 months. Then I went through a huge adjustment when I began eating raw dairy and meat a few months after that. Yet adjusting to even just the idea of that way of eating is easier with Neptune in Pisces. I can feel my body’s vibrations with the food I’m eating, feeling them alter with each different food eaten, and I feel aligned with it. It’s surreal and, I suspect, surreal is going to be the new real.

We have the chance to see through things now. For many of us this will begin with our own patterns, some of which seem to work but don’t (and we now can see the truth) and some which clearly don’t work but we haven’t been able to shift them (and now we can see a way through).

In general, Neptune brings fog that covers over truth. We are asked if we are or can become willing to have faith enough to see through the fog to get to the truth. “Faith” in my experience can be developed by getting grounded and learning to see the truth about what’s happening and why. For me, this has come through opening up so that my consciousness can be raised, adjusted, and tuned up. And the results are all of the channeled books and MP3s I offer that will help you do this, too.

Now that Neptune is in Pisces, we are being nudged to explore the next-higher level of truth relative to where we are. Whatever is running in our lives, minds, and worlds, we can see more of the truth about it. I suggest you download a 13-minute MP3 meditation I offer to help you learn how to get grounded to the Earth. This is the first step toward being able to develop a high level of clarity – and keep it going. We have to train ourselves to see through Neptune’s offering of illusion. It’s not that we have to refuse to be seduced by illusion but rather that we have the opportunity to stay focused on our inner knowing that there is a truth to be seen and aligned with.

For me, this temporary eating experience is offering me the chance to see through my mind’s preferences and reasoning when it comes to food. Daily I’m presented with questions from my mind about why I’m doing this, wouldn’t I rather not do it, etc. Finally, I feel that I have the awareness to see through my mind’s motivations and make choices that work in the moment.

Maybe I’ll go back to raw primal eating. Maybe I’ll be on fruit for a few weeks or months. I really don’t know what I’ll choose because I don’t know what will feel right in some future moment. But I’m so incredibly pleased to be experiencing feeling aligned with what my body needs – and it’s something all of us can experience.

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