The New Moon Pisces Party

The New Moon is just about upon us around 2 and a half degrees of Pisces. It conjunct Neptune at 0 Pisces and Chiron at just under 5 Pisces.

Neptune in Pisces invites us to surrender to greater truth by releasing attachments to identities that are not based in truth. Pretty much anything we think about ourselves fits into that category, so Neptune in this sign nudges to let go in a wonderful reality that is actually already in front of our eyes … but that we could not see for the intense attachments to our thoughts.

Chiron in Pisces asks us to open to sense more of the energetic landscape around us. Practically speaking, that means feeling all that we can feel and then developing and maintaining good energetic boundaries so we make sure we don’t absorb what we sense. Chiron attunes us to energetic and emotional information and it’s important that we open to feel, but also that we clear out what does not belong to us and cease taking others’ energies on. We can have fabulous relationships of all kinds with others when we do this.

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The Sun entering Pisces a couple of days ago puts the giant transiting light of the sky on these issues. If you have found yourself a little forgetful or dreamy, or perhaps clumsy or just plain slow and plodding, know that you are dealing with energetic input you are not used to. Your conscious mind does not know how to recognize that or what to do with it, so trust me when I tell you that nothing is wrong! It is a process of adjusting to managing awareness of more streams of info – and kinds – than you are used to. Breathe deeply, send cords into the Earth, and wiggle your toes, feet, fingers, and hands often to ensure you are fully in your body.

The New Moon is a chance to allow for some Piscean renewal. When we live Pisces in healthy ways, we set out in action but we allow ourselves to be guided. It could be by instinct, inner wisdom, angels and guides, or our bodies themselves. Doing Pisces right requires being in touch with the greater flow of life, the world, and energy around us.

Since New Moons are times for planting seeds for new beginnings, take time today to feel into what you are sensing in your body. How willing are you to let this feeling be? To just take its time, run its course? See if you can adapt to it and reframe feeling a bit off-kilter and forgetful to managing with new and more sources of info your conscious mind might not know what to do with.

Go to my site and download the free 13-minute meditation I offer in the right-hand column of my home page. It will help you learn to manage feeling this Neptunian party. The New Moon is a great time to begin a new form of meditation.


I called my girlfriend at lunch today. She recently began a new job and it’s nice to touch base mid-day after months of her working from home – we’re getting used to spending the days apart.

She said, “I was just about to call you! I forgot my lunch so went to the grocery store and realized once there that I’d also forgotten my cash and bank card.”

I was free after a full morning of work so replied with, “I can get up there in a few minutes – I can bring you some cash or buy you lunch.”

“But you could bring me the lunch I forgot,” she patiently said.

That was the moment when I realized that I was in the house and that I certainly could just bring the lunch she’d already made.

The Pisces Party isn’t conducive to clear thought if you’re not ready for it. I grabbed the lunch (and her cash and card, just in case), and got on my motorcycle. Halfway there I had the most intense near-freak out of the last many months: I wasn’t sure if I was wearing pants.

I’m not kidding. I was on my Honda, sitting at a light, trying to remember if I had on more than my underwear with my jacket, helmet, and gloves. I looked down at my left leg and yes, I was wearing shorts, so thought I could be relieved. But then I couldn’t remember putting them on and they half didn’t look familiar.

(I’ve had similar near-freak outs in bathrooms before. I will begin doing my business and then wonder if I’m really in a bathroom or if I just started doing my business only thinking I was in a bathroom. I’ve learned to laugh at this because when it happens, it always turns out I am in fact in a bathroom.)

The light was still red, and because of the helmet no one could see the confusion and nervousness on my face. I looked down again at my leg and saw the shorts again, realizing that everything was fine and I was not out and about in my skivvies. Right away I could laugh at myself, and the moment was gone.

I was actually in my body – in my experience, you can’t be out of it when riding a motorcycle. And I was driving very safely. But the door to Piscean perception was open and, with my natal Neptune conjunct Mercury, I’m pretty susceptible to slipping through it when I least expect it.

The Pisces Party also includes Mercury around the middle of the sign today (still in orb of squaring my natal Mercury). It’s not conjunct the New Moon but it does add a watery, slippery flavor to the thought processes and mental machinations of us all. Again, get grounded. Send cords in the Earth and make sure you’re in your body.

With Neptune in Pisces traveling in the short term with Chiron, there is a tremendous emphasis on learning to get grounded and stay in our bodies while we adjust to its ingress to the sign of merging and going with the flow. You don’t have to feel like you’re losing it! Just get grounded and stay in your body.

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