Whitney Houston’s Piscean Journey, Part 2

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Today I’m going to look at the aspects in Houston’s chart to the South Node ruler Saturn and those to Chiron to help us better understand her Piscean Journey.

First, South Node ruler Saturn is opposed by Sun in Leo in the 6th house. Sun opposing a South Node ruler says that in his or her role in many lives, this person is challenged and blocked by solar people. Such people are those who take up a lot of space, those whom others orbit, and those who demand to be or are the center of attention. Many people with Sun opposing South Node ruler – no matter what that South Node ruler is – find it challenging to develop a healthy sense of ego. They have in many lives been shaped by difficult experiences being criticized, blocked, or challenged by strong personalities. The effects can range from being timid (so as not to draw more criticism) to being overbearing (mimicking big solar expression they have been exposed to).

With her South Node ruler in the 12th house, retrograde, and in Aquarius, Houston will naturally show up in her soul’s various lives with some sort of difference. The 12th house is where we can go back and forth from regular Earthly reality to transcending it and escaping awareness of anything. That it is retrograde means that in her various lives she can be unsure of how to be and might adopt others’ ways of being in an attempt to be stable and normal (the usual remedy is some trial-and-error when it comes to identity and self-expression, but not everyone with the South Node ruler retrograde sees this right away – they can spend years trying to be like other people when the fact is that they won’t feel good about themselves until they invent identity and self-expression wheels for themselves). And lastly that it is in Aquarius says that she shows up as different in all these lives – moving at a different speed, and with different interests and goals than those who surround her.

The opposition from Sun in Leo in the 6th house is like having a very big, creative, demanding force in your life telling you to come back to Earth and do something useful already. By default, with this karmic setup, Houston might show up in many lives as a dreamer and need others to teach her how to stay on Earth and develop herself. The only problem with this is if she always lets others be solar; if she doesn’t inhabit her own Sun for her own reasons.

Coupled with Chiron in Pisces in the 1st house – which can lead a person to absorb energies from everywhere around him or her and at times not be sure about who he or she is – Houston was invited during her whole life to reclaim being a solar person: bold, strong, vital, creative for her own reasons, and burning her own fuel. Yet she would have faced karmic memories of being controlled, blocked, and challenged by such people.

The other aspect to the South Node ruler to note is the square to Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th house. It is in fact conjunct the asteroid Lilith (1181). From my research and experience, this asteroid seems to represent an awareness of issues related to gender disparity and discrimination, domestic violence, and the cause of the underdog when it comes to living in patriarchal culture. This asteroid is different than the true Black Moon Lilith, which indicates our personal experience of these issues including our histories and emotional attachments to them.

Neptune-asteroid Lilith in Scorpio in the 8th house square the South Node ruler tells us that she is in many lives pressured to change by people she trusts in her life – people who carry Neptunian and Lilith themes. Mixed in here over many lives will be deceit and spirituality, traditional approaches to gender roles within family and relationships that work and don’t work, and the best and worst possibilities within intimacy. And all of it will be pretty intense!

As she lives in the 12th house, she needs those she can trust to help her guide her way through the human, day-to-day plane and retain perspective. The question in many lives becomes, “With whom does she surround herself?” The 12th-house and Chiron emphasis for her karmically tell us that she absorbs the influences of anyone she lets into her inner circle.

Chiron is involved in her story karmically because of its opposition to Pluto in Virgo in the 7th house. Her mission to learn the ins and outs of taking responsibility within relationship (Virgo in the 7th) is blocked by others with big energy fields who are in pain, and who suffer (opposing Chiron in Pisces in the 1st house). In any of these lives, to remain emotionally and energetically healthy, she has to catch herself leaking energy to people who cannot take care of themselves. Some of them will count on her to the point that she feels prevented from having relationships where she’s treated as an equal. And at some points, it’s easier to give in to the flow of other people’s suffering and dysfunction instead of trying to save the day.

I do not know much about her marriage to Bobby Brown other than reports of violence between them and the shared issues with drug use, abuse, and addiction. But this karmic setup says that in any of her soul’s lives, her health and happiness will depend greatly on the people she hitches her wagon to.

Houston’s soul is now between lives, and is in the process of remembering its true nature as a Divine being having human experiences. She’s going through what I call the orientation process, wherein she has the opportunity to gain awareness of the point and purpose of all of her experiences, choices, and relationships. All karma with other souls is revealed during this phase, as the conscious personality remembers how to reconnect with the Divine intelligence of soul.

She will learn the point and purpose of leaping to such fame, being deeply energetically sensitive, and how drug addiction is one route humans attempt to deal with being energetically and emotionally sensitive while not always knowing what to do with it. She will be shown – and simultaneously remember – other options available to humans. And she will have the opportunity to make peace with the Divine opportunity that each of her major relationships offered.

People will be grieving Houston’s death and the loss of her talent for much longer than her orientation process. She left a 12th-house and Piscean mark on many people on the planet. The New Moon of Pisces yesterday invited us to let go of some conscious control of how our lives unfold. We would do well for ourselves to find a middle ground between control and surrender and learn more about healthy ways of living with our Piscean, Chironic sensitivity, as Houston was invited to do her entire life.

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