Vernal Equinox & the New Moon of Aries

The Sun entered Aries yesterday, marking what many consider the astrological new year. Aries is the mode of the zodiac about new beginnings, boldness, and taking action. Its passage through Pisces each year presents an opportunity for us to relax the “doing” part of us and let the “being” part of us take over for a bit. And then when it enters Aries, time can speed up to normal rates again and things can go ahead and get themselves done.

Or, at least, begun. Aries is famous for beginning but not finishing things. You may be feeling an impulse to do something but perhaps you’re unclear as to what it is – and that’s okay. Let it be. The Sun upon entering this sign begins the build up to a conjunction with Uranus already in early Aries (exact on the 24th). Uranus is about busting out of whatever confines or constricts you, and the Sun here adds fire to the Arian impulse to free yourself from what binds you.

The New Moon of Aries will take place on the 22nd at 2 Aries at 7:37 AM Pacific time, two degrees from Uranus and two from retrograding Mercury, which will in short order regress to Pisces. New Moons are times of beginning, and we might say this is especially true because the sign this month is Aries, the sign of beginnings. The feeling will be of needing to set out on a new path – perhaps grandiose, perhaps not so grandiose – and sensing instinctually that you need to feel your way out of a dark place of unknowing and into some sort of light. The stakes on this are high because of the presence of Uranus, yes, but retrograde Mercury in the mix can bring in some doubt.

Minds and planning faculties are not working according to normal routes now. This is not a bad thing – far from it, actually. It lends itself to the call to do something instinctive with your non-brainiac selves (heart, body, spirit) and for you to trust the feeling. Normally you might feel your way into and through things a bit but then bring the capable executive of that brainiac self to plan things out, schedule, and make calls to get things done. But that capable executive is now in need of a bit of rest. You’re left to rely on someone else, anyone else within you – let it be the part of you that can trust instinct and trust you to move in the right directions when needed. There is an unconsidered activeness that comes with healthy Aries energy and we can serve ourselves well by giving the mind a rest and choosing to trust this part of ourselves.

For example, my brain keeps coming up with paths down which to take this post. I’ve deleted three so far because they don’t seem in this moment truly worth the effort just to share more words with you. Now, my brain is convinced that they are fantastic and should be explored, but I’ve decided to give it time off. It’s still running its wheels, but for the moment I’m moving on, letting it patter along behind me with its little steno pad, tossing out what it is sure are great ideas that, I suspect, none of us would really find that interesting in the end. Because, you know, there are dishes to do and natal reports to put together.

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