The New Lilith Pages & the True Black Moon Lilith Natal Report

The Lilith Pages
It’s a free new section of my site intended to be a resource for understanding the true Black Moon Lilith in your chart. Natal houses, signs, and aspects are covered in addition to transits to Lilith and Lilith in relationship. All the info reflects my original work with the Lilith archetype that reframes Lilith from being a demon figure we should fear (an idea prevalent now) to a necessary part of us we can use to reconnect to instinct, our bodies, and nature itself.
Check it out.

The True Black Moon Lilith Natal Report
I’ve lowered the price on this popular report. It explains who Lilith is and why we should know her and then covers the True Black Moon Lilith in your natal chart – house, sign, aspects, and transits and progressions to your Lilith. Regularly $27 since its launch 4 years ago, it’s now $20.

Click here to read the wonderful things astrologers and authors Steven Forrest and Lynda Hill have to say about the report and order yours.

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