Pisces Full Moon, August 31st 2012

At 6:56 am Pacific time Friday morning, we’ll have a Full Moon in Pisces at 8 degrees and 33 minutes. Our need to surrender to some truth outside ourselves – some might say a “higher” truth – will be heightened. Also heightened will be any resistance we might have to that surrender.

The name of the game with Pisces is going with the flow to the point of losing a portion of our mind-based grip on reality. This can be a wonderful experience when we submit to finding ourselves in the greater fabric of reality that surrounds us. It can be a terrible one when we lose sight of who we are and what is happening without being discriminating and discerning along the way.

When we choose something healthy and life-affirming to surrender to, our Piscean need to locate ourselves meaningfully as valid, loving, and loved parts of the cosmos is met. When we lose ourselves without much conscious intention or discernment, our Piscean need is not met. We can in the latter way live outside normal time-space and consensus reality but it is rarely satisfying on more than one level.

So many of us experience Piscean surrender without much discernment! It’s part of the learning game we as humans are undertaking. But it is possible to bring conscious awareness and intent forward in order to choose things to surrender to and get lost within that will serve us on many levels and feed the deep Piscean need we have to surrender.

Addictions and escapism bring us to Piscean realms just as do prayer and meditation. And we always have a choice about where to direct our Piscean selves.

This Full Moon will bring into the full light of conscious awareness where you are on the spectrum featuring escapism on one end and conscious awareness and presence on the other.

The Sun in Virgo stirs the expectation that you are to do something productive and useful about what you see. But the Moon in Pisces asks you to stop long enough all the doing in order to feel and sense into what needs to be done regarding your relationship with surrender.

The Virgo ideal of control is here at odds here with the Piscean ideal of surrender.

How we navigate this balance in our lives – or create one in the first place – determines how welcome we feel to be here on Earth, in the Universe – alive. All sign pairs present a challenge for integration that is perhaps most challenging at Full Moons but these times are also when we can see previously-hidden information and realities within us that, once known, can support a process of integration.

Thursday night I’ll channel Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, & Merlin) for a conference call to ground deeply to the Earth and release issues to do with control you might have that prevent you from connecting to the Earth and feeling a useful, valid part of life and the cosmos. We all deserve to feel deeply that we belong here, but how can we when we often find out the hard way that we can’t control the circumstances of our lives? How can we find within us and cultivate a place of peace when things seem not to go our way? How can we have faith that life supports us and also wants what is best for us when we have experienced difficulty, stress, tension, and abuse in the face of going for what we want and need?

Any blocks you have to adapting to the perfection of life and letting up on the control-oriented “go go go” gas pedal in your world will be addressed with the opportunity for release and healing. Djehuty and I also do energy work on all callers to support the process as we do a series of affirmations to release attitudes, beliefs, patterns, habits, and assumptions we no longer need.

Join us for this transformative call and release old beliefs you no longer need.

Details: Thursday, August 30th from 6-7 pm Pacific time. Offered on a sliding scale of $10-25. Read the full details and register here.

If you can’t call in live, order the recording here. I’ll have it ready to go within a couple of hours of the call’s end. The effects are just as strong as for those who call in for the call.