The The Remedy for Scorpionic Intensity, Drama, Anger, and Chaos: A Taurus Full Moon

The Taurus Full Moon presents the remedy for all the drama that’s been coming up fro under the surface.

The recording of last night’s Taurus Full Moon Grounding and Release call will take you through a process to get underneath the intense feelings, ground, and get centered so you can move forward with more clarity.

I’m getting great feedback from callers who joined last night and you can get the energy work from Ascended Master Djehuty as you do the affirmations and release work during the call – even after the call itself. As with all of these calls, the choice to have Djehuty do the energy work brings him in.

Djehuty also explains the significance of the Scorpio Sun conjuncting Saturn and the Taurus Moon opposing it – it’s an amazing call! I hope you can hear it. Offered by donation at the link above.

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