Neptune goes direct on November 11th

What’s true?

How do you know?

Where do you get info that competes to have get labeled true?

What do you find worth surrendering to?

How do you relax? Are you willing to let life take care of the tough stuff? Or anything at all?

Do you feel at home here on this blue-green globe? What about in your body?

Neptune’s entrance to Pisces (blog, MP3) earlier this year asked us to figure out some (or all) of these things for ourselves. Its annual 5-month retrograde period is just about over – it will station at 0 Pisces 21.

For the last 5 months we’ve had to rethink how we approach Neptune and the notion of surrender. Parts of us that attempt to control reality might not have such confident footing as they did prior to the retro period.

Many of us will explore surrender and ceasing control-oriented behaviors and feel out of place, challenged, not trusting of life or ourselves. There’s an important chance with this planet in this sign to learn to swim in whatever kind of environment we find ourselves in at a given time. It’s about adapting but it’s also about tapping into the feeling of truth – the vibration – in order to steer ourselves into better life experiences and situations.

As energetic beings, we each have intuitive radar but we might not always trust it. We innately possess also a sensitivity to energy and emotion that we eventually need to learn if we are going to remain (or become) sane. Neptune in Pisces asks us to give in to our radar and sensitivity while learning to use them in conscious ways.

The retro period of the last 5 months has had all of us finding out often in subtle ways how this works in our lives. As it goes direct soon it lets us know that it’s time to figure out how to move forward again. Make sure that you are taking with you what you learned over the last 5 months!

For some of us that might mean unwinding meaning we’ve assigned to why flow isn’t happening in our lives. Neptune wants to work with us when we admit the existence of something true outside us and release enough blocking beliefs, tension, and resistance to learn to flow with it.

For others it might mean becoming willing to approach our relationship with ourselves as energetic beings in new ways. What we eat and in all other ways consume affects us energetically and ultimately emotionally and physically. What are we willing to have in our lives so far that actually makes us sick in some way? The 5 months of this retro would have served to heighten your awareness of this and, actually, your sensitivity. You might have developed little things that look like allergies during this retrograde period and if so, know that it is about the energies that are surrounding you in your world.

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