Chiron in Pisces is Now Direct

At just under 5 Pisces, Chiron is now direct. Its 5-month retro period had us rethinking the use of compassion and navigating opportunities to get over our small wounds and hypersensitivities in order to see the big picture.

Where did your wound come from?

Who’s responsible for your emotional health and stability?

What can you do to keep your emotions from flaring up every time the past seems to be rearing its head?

How do you feel about your heart – the emotions there as well as the function within you? When I ask you to have compassion for yourself and others when in pain or traveling down a path of suffering, how do you respond? Are you ready to do that? Or do you shy away and shut down?

Chiron transits in general ask us to open to an opportunity to feel something – intuitively, emotionally – and make a response. Most of us are in a long-term (or life-long) process of learning to respond to all circumstances with compassion. As a result, most of us are somewhere along the “my heart spills over when encountering suffering”-“I can’t deal with suffering and pain” spectrum that is the learning ground for this most human of experiences.

Given the teachings I’ve channeled from St. Germain/Thoth/Merlin/Djehuty (audio course, book) I encourage you to be willing to feel all you can feel while you learn to deal with and dispatch the energies and emotions that you are carrying that do not serve you. In the spirit of helping others in need we often absorb energies from them that we have no business carrying. They lead to all sorts of issues! Chiron as a teacher within asks (challenges!) us to be open-hearted with others – all others – while we learn to establish healthy and conscious/intentional energetic boundaries.

This is a critical teaching for this time because of the regular, normal human tendency to absorb energies. The world can seem to be full of fear and it’s getting more so. To be healthy now we simply must learn about ourselves as energetic beings responding to energy as emotion. We simply must develop good boundaries – we must cease absorbing what does not work for us and get rid of what we’ve already taken on.

Contrary to popular belief boundaries should not be invisible lines that others occasionally cross and thereby set our righteous selves off re dramatic transgression and violation scenarios. A better – and more spiritually-evolved – way to understand and work with boundaries is as a set of experiences, life circumstances, and qualities of being that we are available to experience. One example is in the intense emotional and energetic healing work I do with people. I’m available to read spirit messages, channel, work with past-life parts of you needing help, assist you to understand yourself and improve your quality of life and treatment of self if I can. The boundary is very clear – I do not absorb anything you bring to me. Talk about your loved one’s suicide or murder, your rape, your self-hatred because whatever thing in your life stirs that in you – I take nothing on. My Chiron boundaries are well-established and doing this intense Underworld work with people doesn’t drain me – I’m available to be a resource to you, not relive your pain with you. Consequently, I do not relive it.

Now, I feel what you are going through. I couldn’t do this work if I didn’t have several empathic-type bones in my body. But my role is predefined and I do not deviate from it.

This is the point in human evolution at which we have a choice about how we will deal with ourselves and each other as energetic beings. Will I learn about how my energetic innards work or will I avoid it? Will I learn to respond compassionately to external and internal situations while not feeling that I’m losing power or strength? It’s up to me.

Now, all that said – in Pisces, the Chiron trip at present is about learning to surrender to the world around us. I offer that it might seem that we should therefore not have boundaries but this isn’t the deal at all! It’s that we need to open to feel and to surrender to the reality that we are feeling beings. We need to gain more understanding and context about what that means on a day-to-day level.

That part of you is real. It’s not going anywhere. Stuffing it down and filling it with styrofoam peanuts or lidding it over with something dense and heavy doesn’t make it go away.

Chiron direct now in Pisces asks you to flow with your sensitive human nature while learning about boundaries. If you want to be healthy you must feel all you can feel but to be healthy you also must have self-respect and self-care running. This is the side of Pisces that we don’t always get. We think we need to let go and lose ourselves. I offer that it is in fact presenting an invitation to learn to surrender attachment to ego/individuality in order to find ourselves situated in a greater (Universal) context.

If you have Chiron in Pisces natally (most births during the 1960s d0) then you’re having or preparing for your Chiron return. About age 50 we each have the opportunity to evaluate where we are on the “my heart spills over when encountering suffering”-“I can’t deal with suffering and pain” spectrum. We get the chance to check in with ourselves and make corrections to things if we don’t like what’s happening. For many at this age there is increased understanding about the true source of childhood wounds (Chiron wounding begins in infancy for each of us), who’s responsible for their emotional selves (hint: them and them alone), and an influx of energetic/emotional stimulation from others and the world around them to which they feel compelled to respond or shut down.

Compassion is the name of the game here yet some of us need to work through blocks to opening our hearts. When we open them, after all, we find what we’ve been stuffing down in there for the whole of our lives. But it’s time. We’re ready.

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