Get the recording of the Leo Full Moon Grounding & Release call with Djehuty

Ascended Master Djehuty gets you deeply grounded and in your body, explains the situation and opportunity given the Aquarius Sun and the Leo Moon opposing it, and then takes you through a series of affirmations to make the most of it. The recording will work wonders long after the Full Moon because of the level of Djehuty’s consciousness and its existence outside time. The energy of the Full Moon was harnessed in vibration on this MP3.

Regaining faith that you have the right to have and own opinion, express creativity, and feed and embrace the part of you that brings joy into your life are the focuses.

Djehuty also does energy work through me on all who hear the call, making these calls special opportunities to tune up your vibration and release energies, ideas, attitudes, and beliefs that don’t serve you and, in the case of this Leo FM, keep you from fully inhabiting yourself as a human.

Two callers said they felt he was talking just to them (a wonderful Leo effect!) and one added:

Awesome full moon grounding call!  It was exactly what I needed to work on! Thank you to both of you and our unseen friends.  I am going to Disneyland Monday and I made the decision to have an amazing time. 🙂
Order the recording (58 minutes) through PayPal or contact me at (213) 925-6019 to arrange for other payment.

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