The Chiron Return in Pisces

chironThe Chiron return is an opportunity to transform one’s relationship with this energy antenna within the self. This happens through turning a corner on how one deals with suffering and pain in self and other.

This body in the chart represents a part of us that is sensitive to energy. It tunes us into the emotional and energetic states of others around us and we can absorb what they are carrying.

As I work with clients to heal Chiron issues of all kinds (abandonment, rejection, and not-sure-how-to-love-me issues, among others) invariably I find that there is the energy – emotions – of others in the person’s field. As energetic beings humans can absorb energy. Now as we transition into the Aquarian Age we are primed to learn just what it means to be energetic beings and how to live consciously – how to operate ourselves consciously as energetic beings.

The Chiron return happens around age 50 for each of us. It can open a door to feel pain of self and other more acutely. It can also inspire us to shut our hearts down to ensure we don’t have to feel things quite so deeply of often. Yet the return can also be a time of transforming our relationship with pain and why we believe it exists in our lives.

For some there are childhood rejection and abandonment stories that get replayed or, at least, come to the surface. Others find themselves unsure how to or blocked from helping others around them in need, wondering if they need to unplug from the needs and expectations of others. But all experience a potential to shift and transform.

The Chiron return in Pisces asks those born with the centaur here (births from 1960-1 to 1968-9) to make an adjustment in the direction of being willing to feel more while learning to get grounded and have good boundaries. Pisces can have a planet feeling no limits and no bounds, which can increase the normal function of Chiron as energy antenna within a person. Some with this placement feel like sponges and that there is nothing to do about it. If this sounds like you then call me for a reading and I will teach you to manage this energy! It can be done. And learning how to do it will make your Chiron in Pisces very happy.

For the full Chiron story that informs my healing work see my book Chiron, 2012, and the Aquarian Age: The Key and How to Use It. It explains in detail how the ascended master I channel (Djehuty, a.k.a. St. Germain, Thoth, and Merlin) views what it takes for humans to evolve now. Chiron is the key to learning compassion but also to raising and expanding consciousness by getting in the driver’s seat as an energetic being, not just a brain with a body or a body with a brain.

Questions those with the Chiron return in Pisces are being asked by life:

  • Are you willing to be sensitive to the emotions of others?
  • Are you willing to feel all you can feel?
  • Will you treat yourself with compassion that no one else has shown you?
  • Are you going to navigate life with barriers up or will you open your heart and embrace your feeling side?

How these people answer the questions will in large part determine their experience of the Chiron return. For any of us, it’s all about how much we are willing to be open to feel while learning to sort out what belongs to us and what does not.

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