Read an excerpt from the Introduction to The Soul’s Journey III: A Case Study

tsj3 coverI’m beginning to relax after telling 19 of my own other-life (a.k.a. past-life) stories in the new book, The Soul’s Journey III: A Case Study. Writing and editing it involved working directly with a number of stories and emotional signatures in my energetic field and now it’s time for a break!

But now that I’ve written the book, you need to read it. I’ve posted part of the introduction for free on my site. It gives you a framework of my approach to understanding soul and a sense of where the book is headed in telling these other-life stories.

In general, though, this is a wonderfully unique book in that an astrologer examines his own soul’s other lives. Client feedback reflects that I’m able to provide levels of insights about soul and the multilife human journey we’re each on that other astrologers do not. In this book this is combined with my deep and multidimensional self-understanding after a decade of inquiry about how my own emotions and thought/belief patterns are and might be linked to various lives my soul is living on other parts of the Earth timeline.

It’s an exciting book that goes to places no other astrology book has. If you’re into learning about soul and its multilife journey, past lives, karma and how to change it (yes, karma can be changed!), then get the book. It’s available through my site (as a paperback and PDF e-book), Amazon, and Kindle.

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