When the Veil Parts: Pluto Conjunct Venus and Loss

I’m always going on about how we’re energetic beings and how that relates to the emotions we experience and carry. After publishing The Soul’s Journey III: A Case Study – which explains my process of learning about and integrating/healing past lives – I thought I’d have a bit of a break. But I’m still an energetic being! So it continues.

tsj3 coverThe other night my girlfriend and I watched a movie I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch. It was just a vibratory thing – no particular reason why but I just shied away from it when she had spoken of it weeks before. But she had seen it and thought it was well-done so I got on board.

There was a theme of the death of a woman and her husband trying to fulfill her last wish. There was a thing about him needing to let her go and her needing to let go of life. It triggered some other-life (a.k.a. past-life) stuff of mine about losing loved ones to death and, I should say, not learning to grieve.

When it was clear the movie was going to end and some sort of death-oriented resolution was about to unfold I began crying, an other-life feeling deep within me coming to the surface. If I didn’t do the work I do and have numerous tools for looking into multiple lives and working with emotional healing, it would seem when this happens that something mysterious is unfolding, something difficult and beyond comprehension. But I do do this work and I know what’s happening at these times.

As you’ll read in the book I have a thing with my girlfriend dying in at least one other life. The feeling of losing her is real to me though it’s not on the surface all the time. The other night when this came up I felt the death of my spouse (the other-life thing) as happening in that very moment. Even as I felt it I wondered how it could be that the emotion is so real.

I held on to her and allowed this part of me – this part of my soul or consciousness that is linked to me energetically/emotionally – to speak. In this case he spoke through tears and I gripped her. I realized that as I held her I needed to know that she was okay. It was an extended moment, drawing out what in most circumstances would be a thought that comes and goes: You want to know if someone is okay and you get an answer one way or the other and the tension goes or doesn’t. But she was with me, right there, wrapped up in my Libran Pluto-Venus clutches.

Honestly, I was trying not to constrict her breathing. In this extended moment this part of my consciousness/soul bleeding through emotionally and showing me what he feels wasn’t sure how to relax even though she was there. She asked if I could talk about it, which often helps when other-life stuff comes up. But the communication was the gripping, the clutching. Just being able to feel that she is alive was something he couldn’t trust because in his life, she isn’t. This person he fits with so well and loves deeply is gone in his time.

I explore this in the book in the chapter, “Two Slaves.” While I know her in a number of lives – I can directly feel 3 but know there are others – this life as slaves in the American South comes through so directly. I know by being willing to put up with all this multilife emotionality that she is an incredibly important karmic/soul teacher for me. And being with her brings up for me so many things about death, which I know I am in a long-term process of learning to face.

Whatever deep emotions or fear-based hot buttons you might have likely relate to other lives of your soul. Our deepest issues run across time and we are dealing with them in many lives. Far from a sentence or punishment, these represent growth opportunities for us to evolve as conscious beings. These days I am doing a ton of other-life integration and healing for people.

Think about what you fear most experiencing, seeing, or losing. Consider that the fear might be anchored on another part of the timeline. You can read the book to learn how I approach learning about these lives and integrating the parts – making them happier and healthier as they come through to me across time – and call me at (213) 925-6019 to set up a reading to explore your own multilife journey.

As energetic beings we are emotional beings. The energies we carry and experience as emotion determine so much about our experience on Earth. In the book you can read about how an evolutionary astrologer and channel travels through time in his own heart and mind as well as how to improve the experience of being human through doing it. My intention is to help as many people as are open to transform their experience of being human. All 3 The Soul’s Journey books are a first step in opening the dialogue about the reality of soul and its multilife journey on Earth.

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