Leo New Moon today

Today at 2:49pm Pacific time.

Plant new seeds that will enable you to leave your fingerprints on the world.

Leo is about creativity, yes, but your opinions and personal outlook on life are the basic components of the archetype. So for many this is not about what we tend to think of as creativity.

Something in your that is about what you have to say and how you see the world is trying to be birthed. Your job is to let it happen by getting out of the way!

That’s a way of saying allowing your sense of things to take over and guide you. Going within and finding the source of inspiration and then clearing the decks of resistance and blocks to doing something about it.

It might be that you are struck with a new idea or way to move forward with a relatively new idea. It may also be that you draw to you opportunities to further your Leonine presence in the world. The house in which this is happening is a major site of new-seed action for you as well as the house on which Leo is the cusp (if it’s different. The New Moon is for example in my 10th house but Leo is on the cusp of my 11th house).

The end goal is to allow yourself to shine.

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