8/31: Announcing the Energetic/Emotional Clearing Event

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On Saturday, August 31st, 2013 I’m offering a special channeled event to clear out old energies and emotions so you can make the most of Jupiter’s transit through the sign of Cancer. See a video I produced if you’re not familiar with how I approach this transit. Last year I channeled Djehuty for an amazing Consciousness Upgrade Clinic in which a number of tools Djehuty offers us to upgrade consciousness were employed and taught and participants reported stunning results in their lives.

As part of my work for Jupiter’s transit through the sign of Cancer I’m doing several things this year to help you learn to manage emotions, history, memory, and family issues with more consciousness. Part of making progress in any of these arenas is to get rid of energies in your field that are harmful, not yours, and/or belong to others. Examples could include:

  • If you ever lived with someone with chronic anger, grief, depression, or other intense emotions.
  • Someone didn’t love you the way you needed and you wished it were different.
  • You experienced criticism from a loved one.
  • You experienced verbal, emotional, or overt abuse from a loved one.
  • Your family didn’t support your goals and dreams.
  • You at any time argued or fought with loved ones and it hasn’t ever really left your mind or heart.
  • You wondered if something painful or difficult that happened to you was something you deserved.
  • You asked someone for something you needed and were told “no,” ignored, or were given something instead that hurt.

There are so many possibilities of how you might have lodged energies in your field through emotional experiences that now might gum you up a bit or a lot. Recently I’ve done client work for people dealing with childhood abuse issues, clearing out the hostility, callousness, and violence from their fields that affect them now.

Did you know that all illness and most injury results from energies and emotions we have not yet released?

When we carry energies in our fields over time our physical bodies cannot help but conform to the contours of the energies. Caroline Myss writes extensively about this and Anatomy of the Spirit is a great place to start if you want to explore these concepts.

What I’m doing with Djehuty is using this knowledge to go back through your history as a human on Earth – including your soul’s many lives, which we have thus far called past lives – and clear out energies that are lodged in your energy field and therefore body. This is transformational work that will change your life and if you hang out with me and Djehuty long enough through events like these, your baseline as a human will change for the better and your experience as you will improve noticeably.

This event is meant to give you a leg up on dealing with and navigating what comes up in your life on a regular basis by clearing out junk from the past that keeps you slow and/or stuck.

Sun in Virgo is near Ceres and Moon in Cancer will be with Jupiter during this event – a great time to move through energies and emotions and heal.

Read all the details and register.

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