Becoming Present

The short answer on how to become present is to move the past out of your field so you can be what you are. Whatever you carry from the past serves to keep you in the past.

I’m talking about what happens when you think of something from the past and refeel emotions from the past. Emotions imprinted during difficult or challenging experiences come to the surface and you might as well have gone back in time.

To move beyond the the imprints of the past – memories and the emotions attached to them – we have to clear out our energy fields and bodies. Our bodies always conform to the contours of our energy fields and, consequently, the shape of our emotional selves.

This is how health issues begin and unfold: the physical body begins to reflect what is happening in our energetic and emotional fields.

Remember how it felt when a parent criticized you at age 4, 6, or 10? Remember what it felt like to long for that special someone in your teenage years who couldn’t see that you existed?

Remember the feeling of missing an opportunity for something cool and fun because you were involved in something else – does it still bring pangs of regret? What about that time when you made a decision and it turned out to be the wrong one? Do you still judge yourself for that or feel anything about it?

These situations and more will have bits of energy in the form of held emotions in your field that affect your life now. Other examples from relationships:

  • If you ever lived with someone with chronic anger, grief, depression, or other intense emotions.
  • Someone didn’t love you the way you needed and you wished it were different.
  • You experienced criticism from a loved one.
  • You experienced verbal, emotional, or overt abuse from a loved one.
  • Your family didn’t support your goals and dreams.
  • You at any time argued or fought with loved ones and it hasn’t ever really left your mind or heart.
  • You wondered if something painful or difficult that happened to you was something you deserved.
  • You asked someone for something you needed and were told “no,” ignored, or were given something instead that hurt.

The Energetic/Emotional Clearing Event on August 31st, 2013 will help move energies from your field to support you in being more present in your life by leaving the past and its meaning behind.

I will channel Ascended Master Djehuty for this powerful opening into presence. You simply cannot get where you want to go if you are toting around the past with you. This special event will give you a chance to come out of that past and file it in you in the right place so you feel free to decide who you are.

From Djehuty:

You are not the sum of your experiences, thoughts about yourself, others’ thoughts about you, or anything else that has come before this moment. All of these things suit the learning journey that you are on as a Divine being learning what it means to be human. A great deal of this path centers on learning what love is, where it comes from, and who is responsible for giving it to whom. Join me as I work through this channel to help you heal, release, and come into closer relationship with your soul by shedding your attachment to the past and your old feelings and memories. Each of you has the capacity to do this and supporting and teaching you is my commitment to humans everywhere.

Saturday, August 31, 2013 from 3-4:30pm Pacific time. Read the details and register here.

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