My talk today for Align With Your Purpose: Sorting Through the Noise

The full title:

Sorting Through the Noise: Identifying the Wisdom of Soul Within

This is a free call at noon Pacific/3pm Eastern today. The recording will be available for free for 48 hours following the call.

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I’ll discuss what happens with most people when they go within to get answers and work to align with what’s right for them. This is about any major life decision but more generally and fundamentally having a clear sense of life purpose.

There is noise within us and during this free talk I will give you tips and exercises about how to deal with what you find. Each and every one of us can sort through the noise and find inner wisdom!

Call in to find out how to get closer to the wisdom of soul within you – once you sort through and refile energies and emotions within you, you can hear an inner wisdom that has in fact always been there.

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