Sun Enters Virgo

This is the solar month that has us becoming aware of what’s not working well in our lives and the world.

For some it’s seductive to become critical to the point of being counterproductive. For others it’s tempting to view what’s not working – the enormity of it – and give up trying to do anything about it. Or not even begin trying.

A happy middle ground would be a willingness to be aware of what isn’t working and to clearly and in a grounded manner make choices about what to do. This requires making a decision about where your energies are going to go, which is what many leave out of their experience of Virgo.

When we experience life through the lens of Virgo we are learning about the ins and outs of responsibility and duty. There is a call to make something better – whether we are asked or charged to do something or we simply notice it needs doing – and we have to decide if we are going to take responsibility for it.

With the Sun in Virgo for the next 30 days there is a giant flashlight shining on what might not work optimally or at all in our worlds. The tendency in many will be to become stressed at the prospect of tackling so much work, so many chores … and then to experience judgment of self if they are avoided or if taken on and not done well.Each year you have an opportunity to analyze what isn’t working in your life and world and it is during this solar month. Are you open to improving things but willing to be realistic about what can be done generally and what you specifically can do?

Will you notice what isn’t working and make decisions about prioritizing your energies? And will you engage in making something better in a spirit of making it better instead of fearing judgment if you do not?

Virgo is also about healing. I’ve scheduled several events to occur during this solar month to take advantage of the call to make things better in your life.

August 31st I’ll channel Ascended Master Djehuty and my guides for the Energy and Emotion Clearing Event. We’ll create a powerful space for you to release energies and emotions from the past – both yours and those of others you have absorbed or picked up and carried as if your own – so you can increase your health and well-being on all levels. Literally every human will benefit from doing this work! Those on the call and getting the MP3 afterward (the effects will be just as powerful using the recording later) will experience a clearing-out of what doesn’t belong to them and what is no longer useful that will open up their lives. Eventually all that we carry that is negative will manifest in our lives and health as challenging situations that we have to work through – my goal is to teach you how to move energy out in major ways so you can optimize your health and well-being in all ways.

I hope you will join us for this important event! It’s going to be deeper-reaching and more impactful than our regular Full Moon events wherein I channel Djehuty and some energies and emotions are cleared. The structure of the August 31st event is different and will take us into deeper territory within your field and consciousness.

Some examples of having taken on the energies of others include:

  • If you ever lived with someone with chronic anger, grief, depression, or other intense emotions.
  • Someone didn’t love you the way you needed and you wished it were different.
  • You experienced criticism from a loved one.
  • You experienced verbal, emotional, or overt abuse from a loved one.
  • Your family didn’t support your goals and dreams.
  • You at any time argued or fought with loved ones and it hasn’t ever really left your mind or heart.
  • You wondered if something painful or difficult that happened to you was something you deserved.
  • You asked someone for something you needed and were told “no,” ignored, or were given something instead that hurt.

When we love someone or simply spend time around him or her we can take on what they are carrying and experiencing. The energies and emotions of others simply cannot remain in our fields if we are to evolve. It is critical that we move these energies out of our space and learn to move on from them.

The event will also clear out your own stuff – what you have generated and carried. This can include old goals that never materialized and your feelings/judgements about them, self-criticism of all kinds about any issue, resistance to trusting your instinct or desire for autonomy, and others.

I will channel Ascended Master Djehuty and others for this powerful opening into presence. You simply cannot get where you want to go if you are toting around the past with you. This special event will give you a chance to come out of that past and file it in you in the right place so you feel free to decide who you are.

From Djehuty, one of the beings I will channel:

You are not the sum of your experiences, thoughts about yourself, others’ thoughts about you, or anything else that has come before this moment. All of these things suit the learning journey that you are on as a Divine being learning what it means to be human. A great deal of this path centers on learning what love is, where it comes from, and who is responsible for giving it to whom. Join me as I work through this channel to help you heal, release, and come into closer relationship with your soul by shedding your attachment to the past and your old feelings and memories. Each of you has the capacity to do this and supporting and teaching you is my commitment to humans everywhere.

Saturday, August 31, 2013 from 3-4:30pm Pacific time. Read the details and register here.

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