Wednesday on The Soul’s Journey: Anthony J. Diaz Interview

diazAnthony J. Diaz is a fellow host on CTR whose show Inner Conflict to Outer Resolution I happened to hear for the first time a few weeks ago. Immediately I liked his style and energy. I could tell he’s spent a long time working on grounded communication skills and his perspectives on relationships intrigued me.

Anthony is a relationship, life, and divorce coach. Trained as an attorney, in addition to his coaching practice he works as a mediator in family law, providing ample opportunities to work with people on communication issues during difficult times.

My initial idea for interviewing Anthony was to swap notes on something I think about a lot, the benefit of the doubt. We cover this and also discuss a number of topics centering on communication in relationship including blind spots he finds that his clients encounter and how to work through relationship issues knowing that we are manifesting our lives around us.

He also agreed to share his birth data with us and I’ll share it in the beginning of the show.

I enjoyed talking with Anthony and I think that if you’re a person and you have any kind of relationships, you’ll get something great out of this show!

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