Host Your Own Channeling Event

Two clients of mine in Texas – a married couple – recently hosted an evening of channeling and invited a number of people they know. Each of the two had been on the Energy and Emotion Clearing Event call in late August and found it so useful they wanted to share it with people they know.

I recorded a brief introduction MP3 the host played before the event. It included a bit of background of my work as a channel and notes on what to expect during and after the event. This particular channeled meditation/energy work session is 91 minutes long, and so the effects tend to be pretty deep. I always give people an idea of what to expect because these aim to alter and raise your consciousness – lots of clearing happening!

Contact me if you’d like to do something similar in your area. It’s a great way to build and strengthen community while individuals clear out debris they don’t need. (Read about the Energy and Emotion Clearing Event including feedback from a handful of listeners/callers on the profound effects they experienced.)

Regularly $33 per person, the rate will go down the more people you have. Following the event I will provide everyone with the MP3. Most on these events find that listening to the recording later provides clearing of deeper layers.

Here’s the group that gathered:


From the organizer:

We performed the grounding and heart alignment, and played the recorded introduction, before the energy clearing.
My mom said the grounding improved a group meditation she had the next day and she just felt lighter and good.
R. and A. said they were all emotionally clogged up and twisted up inside when they arrived and left feeling very clear and light.
Several people went to sleep so they couldn’t report any conscious activity during the clearing. Everyone felt very good afterwards.
We discussed several of the concepts brought up in the meditation.
Everyone ate all the food up afterwards, and some wanted to talk it out. Others were more reticent. They indicated they were needing a space to process quietly.
It was a wonderful evening. Will send them the notice about the next one in November.

Her last line references the upcoming channeling event Transforming Self-Doubt on November 9, 2013. I’ll bring through Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron again for a meditation and teaching while they do energy work on all participants to dissolve and remove blocks to self-trust and self-confidence. As we figure out how inhabit ourselves as the divine beings we are, self-trust is critical. We are during our lives supposed to figure out – according to these and other beings – how to believe in ourselves, which is a form of self-love.

Be in touch to get details on organizing your own event!

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