Jupiter retrograde in Cancer (06Nov13 – 05Mar14) and the Trine to Mercury Rx

As Mercury stationed in Scorpio prior to its 3-week retrograde period it was trine Jupiter in Cancer, which was slowing down in Cancer before its own retrograde period.

Since Jupiter entered the sign of emotionality, feeling, sensing, needing to belong, and nurturing in late June of 2013 we’ve had the opportunity to expand through feeling. For anyone trained not to trust or give in to their emotions this will bring stuff under the surface up top to be dealt with. Family history and current issues are part of this as well as the very notion of what it means to need things from others and/or for the self.

Mercury retroing in a water sign seems to call us to look under the surface of still emotional waters and get in close, personal contact with what is and could be found there. The process of Scorpio energy is one of meeting what is feared and Mercury retros are always for revisiting the past and rethinking how things happened and are happening now. Ideally we are willing and able to see the subtle sources in our fields – energies, emotions, beliefs, prejudices, and ideas – that have created what in our worlds doesn’t feel good. With Mercury energy being and feeling different now we have the chance to see the root of those things and make conscious changes.

In trine to Jupiter as it slows, we are having a double invitation to be with our feelings because this aspect is about each body involved boosting the efforts and experience of the other.

Here this means actually to just be with what we feel and sense – expansion would come through deeper insight into the truth of what you feel. For some of us it takes a major life event (= difficulty, trouble, etc.) in order to make us stop and pay attention to the feelings we often have and usually carry. We’re often trained to throw our arms up in the air and not deal with them because then – the thinking goes – we’d be irrational, out of control, overflowing in the worst ways.

And yet emotions are energies and energies we don’t deal with back us up. We can get clogged because of emotions we carry we don’t know how to move through. Acknowledging is important but we also have to do something about them to move the energy.

If you’re feeling challenged now because of all this and are looking for some guidance call me for a reading – (213) 925-6019. We all need some help now and then but especially when the water gets turned up in our lives.

Jupiter retrograde will have expansion plans feeling as though put on hold,. perhaps seeding a feeling that good things can’t happen or continue now. Jupiter relates also to belief and faith and so some of us might have experiences wherein we might be tempted to lose faith in the importance we’ve put on our emotions or, even, on others to whom we are attached and on whom we rely.

A great strategy for this Jupiter retro in Cancer will be to continue to know what you feel and do all you can to come to understand why you feel it. History – both family and later – will come up during the process as we are each so deeply imprinted by our experiences when young. In fact we are each shaped by the energetic/emotional environment in play in our families when we were born. There was emotional weather and an energetic climate in play before you emerged they set the stage for a lot of your emotional development that continues to this day.

Some Qs to begin working with as Jupiter slows down preparing to station – and then during the 5-month retro period you’ll get to the bottom of things that occur to you now:

Do you have faith that what you feel matters? What about your needs?
What in your past experiences might have made you believe the opposite? Are you will to let it be part of your human trip and move on?
Are you prepared to believe in yourself even if you don’t have the sense of belonging you might want?
Are you willing to love yourself even if you feel disconnected from others? Are you willing to get more connected with others to improve your quality of life?
Will you choose to allow yourself to feel all you can feel AND move through it, even if that means learning more about working out/through emotions?
Will you choose to be willing to stay in your body so you can continue to feel, even when it’s challenging?

Finally, this is an amazing time to get to the bottom of health issues you might be having because all are caused by energies and emotions that get stagnant in our fields. The germ theory of disease will run its course and be relied upon less and less as we learn about what it means that we are energetic beings in physical vehicles. Jupiter and Mercury each relate to how we know things – Jupiter is intuition and right-brain stuff while Mercury is conscious awareness and the computer mind. Put them together in trine in water signs as they are each moving slowly and you have a possibility of gaining deep insights into the source of physical issues that are manifested energies and emotions inside you.

Call me for a reading if this resonates with you – I read chakras and do deep energy work for any client who asks.

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