15Nov13: Venus Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries

Exact tomorrow, 11/15, at 1:21 pm Pacific at 9 Capricorn 46 but the energy is in play and building now.

Pluto has been in square to Uranus in Aries and Venus now joins it. Check out that blog post linked and then add in some Venusian ideas. This can make the square come alive within relationships, what you feel is important, how you add and develop skills, and money/resources/possessions.

Ask yourself where in existing dynamics you feel trapped or in need of some new levels of fresh air. In the short term it may feel like a need to set something in stone or, at least, take some aspect of relationship, money, skills, etc., in the direction of more concreteness.

Pluto in this sign also asks us repeatedly to get clear on what’s running our lives. We may have the sense this week that we are empowered or disempowered (Pluto key words) through our relationship with money and possessions as well as through our relationships with others.

The square to Uranus brings pressure to set yourself free from existing stuff that doesn’t feel good. “Feel good” means those that don’t provide you with elbow room, a sense of having space to do what you need to do, and liven things up. It’s in Aries, a sign of new beginnings, and so there may be tension in your world and the world around you as many feel a growing sense of restlessness and a need to break free from what’s confining.

You should be finding yourself at minimum ill-at-ease with some existing dynamic that seems to require you to give up or surrender something you know is good or right for you. It’s about how strong you feel, actually. And if you don’t feel strong in the moment regarding a particular detail or thing, it’s about getting in touch with the inner rebel, revolutionary, and iconoclast. If you don’t do so, tension increases until it manifests in outward behavior we can classify as bitterness, resentment, and harsh criticism and perhaps unconscious-/reactive-type energy that seems to want to burn bridges and lay waste to the landscape.

If you need some alone time, take it. If you need to say something to someone but find it challenging, get grounded and do it. If you need to rework a relationship boundary or introduce a new one, do it. If you need to do something about your finances in order to feel more free or alive, do it.

The worst way to experience anything triggered by the Pluto-Uranus squares is to do nothing. It’s in fact a choice that leads to pent-up energy that will make things harder later for all involved. Take the opportunity to get more real, more authentic, more truthful, more direct, more open, and above all more willing to make changes. It’s the only way to deal with the tension that comes up that alleviates the tendency toward explosiveness and anger later.