Live at 7pm Pacific tonight on The Soul’s Journey: When Bad Things Happen to Good People

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1st half of the show: I do a lot of work helping people identify and release other-life (a.k.a. past-life) traumas and we’re hearing a lot about recent events in The Philippines. What I do with people often addresses the trauma in the wake of these kinds of events but in other lives.

On this show I’ll talk about why bad things happen to good people (and vice versa), what’s going on in the Philippines from the perspective of the souls involved, and how to work with other-life traumas.

2nd half of the show: Caller questions. You can call in or post your question on my Facebook page, which I’ll check during the show. It can be general about astrological stuff or something about your chart. If about you, include your birth data in your post or message me privately through FB.