Live tonight on The Soul’s Journey: A Karmic Profile of Pope Francis I

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tsjgraphicTonight on The Soul’s Journey I’ll outline a karmic profile of Pope Francis I, the sitting pope who surprises regularly by opting for a simple, non-opulent expression of his office.

I’ll look at Pluto, the South Node of the Moon and its ruler, and the North Node to explain where this soul is coming from and what it intends its humans figure out about life.

The method of chart analysis is explained in detail and many examples provided in The Soul’s Journey trilogy of books. It gives each person the benefit of the doubt that he or she is a portion of divine consciousness (or God/Goddess, et al.) learning about being human. I love doing these kinds of profiles because it reveals how each of us is the same as everyone else – a work in progress learning about what love is, where it comes from, and who’s responsible for giving it to whom.