A Uranian Experiment: Daily Energy Work for My Mom

My mom has a Sun-Uranus conjunction in Gemini in the 8th house and an Aquarius Moon on the South Node, making her sometimes interested in the … interesting things I do for a living. My Uranus is next to Mars in my 1st house, so I’ve always got something Uranian going on. For years she’s listened to me describe what I do with clients and she’s even picked up a tiny bit of astrology along the way, at least the philosophy behind how I do it.

I’ve also done some bits of readings for her, channeled Ascended Master Djehuty about some other-life issues, and tried to do some energy work for her. But with the latter, I never felt like I could really get through – that I couldn’t be effective. I wondered if it was because sometimes family members aren’t seen or read clearly by channels, as I’ve had a similar thing with my sister, too.

But two weeks ago, after doing an energy work session for a client, I called my mom and realized I was still in that mode. She said she was having some muscle pain in her leg and back and I offered to work on it. I brought in Djehuty and Metatron for about 15 minutes and worked specifically on what she said was pained. That night she noticed a major difference and asked if we could do it every day for a while.

I agreed, and we’re just about two weeks into the process. We skipped one day in there but you wouldn’t know it – she’s having major shifts. Most days I’ve worked on something particular, but a few days it’s just been me holding the positive, life-affirming frequency I carry and asking her repeatedly to decide to be willing to release old energies while I affect her energy field, inviting her field to adapt to mine.

While she mentioned on that first day particular muscles that hurt, making the transition from sitting to standing and back again a problem, I’ve been generally concerned about falls. She’s had some minor falls over the last couple of years, and I know she’s been afraid of having more. I hear about the fear often. From my perspective, I felt that getting deeply grounded would help. As I read her energy field and body, I can see that there have been 1st- and 2nd-chakra issues gumming up the works, preventing good energy flow in her hips and legs. I’ve talked about grounding before with her, but it took this daily practice to really get it to happen. It’s brief and does just a bit at a time, easing one thing at a time open so more flow can unfold and slowly improve.

Every day I lead her through a set of decisions that assists the grounding process and opens the door for our guides to come through, and I ask permission to step into her space. All of this together I use to create a connection that allows me to shift how her energy functions both by removing what need not be there and adding in some good stuff that isn’t there.

I do this with clients, my girlfriend, and/or myself daily with wonderful effects, but with my mom it’s different. Mainly because most of my perspectives after spending years with Djehuty and Metatron are a bit foreign to her. So, every day now she learns a bit more. I do specific work if she’s having issues, which she has as the shifts in her field have stirred up some muscle discomfort as her spine and lower limbs become more aligned, but I also put grounded, positive, loving, empowering, say-“yes”-and-“no”-when-appropriate energy, too.

Each day we do this, she gets grounded and opens to receive support. And it’s working – now her feet get warm as she does it. That’s a big deal as she’s had foot issues and pain for years. I perceive that old, stuck energies in her feet are slowly burning away as she overcomes the weight of some painful stuff from her 1st-chakra history. Her feet can now be flat on the ground, which has not been the case for a long time.

I have her hold her charged tiger iron stone as we do the work, and it gets warm, too. This amazes her and almost daily I explain that it’s to be expected as the stone is a satellite of sorts for the energy work I do. I explain that it’s tuned to the energies of the two beings I channel and that I’m bringing them through. I try to come up with new ways of describing the stone as a radio receiver for my energy and I think today she really got it. I’m activating it intentionally as we do the work, and it stays warm and vibrating the good stuff after the call is done (I’m yet to find out how long). One day I used it to amplify the energy I was putting in her field to clear emotional/energetic residue from the rooms on the 2nd floor of her house, which I didn’t know I could use a charged stone to do … so, I’m learning things, too.

Because I know a good deal of her life history, I know about some 1st- and 2nd-chakra issues that have impeded energy flow and created health issues and unhappiness. Some of these things she believes she’s worked through already, but there are some bits of defensiveness, dismissiveness, and judgment in there – and that is precisely the kind of thing that creates blocks and knots in our fields! (For the record, shame, guilt, and regret do it, too.) I’m taking the opportunity to explain how forgiveness, compassion, and giving others the benefit of the doubt are powerful releasers and relievers. Actually, I’m eating up the chance to do so. It’s so important to me that she can benefit from what I’ve learned and practice, and the only issue thus far has been openness and interest in changing her mind about some things.

And she’s seeing daily the effects of letting things go, which is magickal.

The feet thing is a big deal. I want her to be pain-free with the feet and get things in her limbs and spine aligned so she has more mobility. But there have been other effects including – and she has given me permission to share this – the end of urinary incontinence. She said it’s been about a year that’s been happening, and after a particular 15-minute call 6 days ago wherein I did focused work on her 2nd chakra (related to bladder) and asked her repeatedly to decide that she is willing and able to say “yes” to what she likes and “no, thanks” to what doesn’t work for her, the incontinence ended. She said that in one particular session after we spoke, her entire bladder emptied in one flow and it was done. I explained that the organ released stuck energy because she allowed her consciousness to change – to release something stuck in there that was messing with the bladder. Two days later as she was raving to me about this, she mentioned having given up coffee because of the issue. But she had some the day after I did the work and there was no problem. She said her bladder was functioning as it did when she was 40, and she’s 71.

I want you to think about what has become fact for me: The physical body cannot help but conform to the energy field (almost a direct quote from Caroline Myss, for the record). There are some things we believe come with age that might not need to. The same with certain things we know are genetic, but we do not understand that energy activation through consciousness knots, blocks, and bruises are key to whether or not certain genetic markers in fact turn on.

The energetic side of health is a major thing to investigate and work with, and I do it all the time. But I’ve shared little outside client sessions, aware that I’m collecting data and experience that I will use in the future to teach people new ways to look at health, the body, and what the body does, as well as how our emotional flows and blocks manifest physically.

Over the last couple of days I’ve worked for my mom on some ping-ponging leg and back issues, as alignment is bettered and things are adjusting and settling. Even with those little pains she’s thrilled and inspired, and I am, too. And it’s usually just 15 minutes each day (I believe two days were more like 20 minutes).

Stay tuned for an opportunity to sample something like this with me. I’m working out details for a set of group calls for a number of days to give you brief and affordable tune-ups like I’ve been giving my mom. Mercury just went direct today, so I’ve been flexible about note-jotting and playing with possibilities. I’m not setting anything in stone quite yet, but am extremely inspired in a harshcore way to get something like this going for broader consumption.

In the mean time, you can get a charged tiger iron or red jasper crystal from me. They’re charged with the frequencies of Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron, making them book marks for their energies and levels of consciousness. Having one in your possession/home/pocket/purse will bring their positive, life-affirming, appropriate-“yes”-and-“no” energies to help you clear out of your life and consciousness what doesn’t help and serve you.