On the physical effects of energy work

august2014energyworkI recently recorded a 34-minute MP3 to explain some possible effects of receiving daily energy work as I’m doing on calls every day this month. [Edit in 2022: That audio vanished! Check out this video for that info:]

I’m encouraging people to call in as often as they can this month to receive a 20-minute calibration with the energies of Archangel Metatron and Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin). And yet it’s important to know what can occur temporarily in and on the body as a result of doing this work.

If you were to do an empowering affirmation every day for months, something would shift in your field. It would happen more slowly than if you hang out with Metatron and Djehuty every day. You might not notice an immediate change with such an affirmation. Metatron (and his energy is emphasized in these calls) packs a transformative punch, more intense than we might be used to with what is often available as energy work. It gives us a fantastic, empowering boost as it clears out what we can’t use any longer.

Metatron holds the intention that we realize we are strong enough to replace a negative in our thinking and beliefs with a positive. When we connect with his energy as you can do each day this month on the calls, we get a boost to pushing a negative out as we plant a positive seed. It’s faster and more active than doing affirmations, and I think it’s more effective than an affirmation alone.

As I meditate with him, he asks me to focus on knowing that I’m strong enough to leave the past behind and become present. As I bring him through for callers every day this month, he asks them to open to being willing to meet his field. When they are grounded enough and give permission, things in their fields begin to move.

For my part, doing these calls daily for 5 days thus far has helped me simply, gently, and effectively avoid some negative thought patterns that sometimes rear their heads. There’s a part of me that’s overly critical (I know I’m not alone), and that part of me is ready to react with some negativity or dissatisfaction at lots of kinds of little things that happen as a matter of course in daily life. But that leads me to leak my energy and, if I do it enough, I’m left feeling tired and run down. The up-close-and-personal meditation I do with him before each call connects me to him, and it’s making more and more sense to focus on what I’m doing and want to be doing instead of fighting details or creating dissatisfaction because things aren’t happening in a particular way. It might seem like a small change, but it has global-to-Tom consequences and even after just 5 days I’m noticing a big shift in several areas.

Each night at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern for the rest of the month, call in for a 20-minute tune-up meditation with energy work from Metatron and Djehuty. And listen to the MP3 on possible physical effects of this kind of energy work to know what to expect if you do more than a call or two.