Do the Day 7 channeling & energy work MP3 for free

august2014energyworkThinking about calling in for the daily energy work & channeling I’m doing all during August?

I’m making Day 7 available for free so you can check it out.

It’s a 21-minute meditation, and if you give Metatron and Djehuty permission to come into your space and do energy work, they will – even using the MP3 and not on a live call.

Each day is different. One day we began clearing the root/1st chakra (safety, security, survival), and then worked on opening and clearing the 3rd chakra (personal power, self-esteem, self-respect). Another day we opened and cleared the 3rd and the 5th (aligning personal power with truth, speaking what needs saying) together. And another day we opened the root/1st and then the 4th chakra (emotions, feeling), asking you to be willing to feel all you can feel and be grounded/clear enough to deal compassionately with all parts of yourself.

Doing this daily on a very affordable sliding scale of $5-10/call will begin to move energies within you that need to go. Clearing out old stuff makes room for new stuff, which lets you be intentional about your life. Ever feel like you sabotage yourself? Or hold yourself back because of fear? It’s because you’re carrying old energies that inspire you to block yourself.

These daily calls also give you a chance to connect with a higher level of consciousness than most of us deal with daily. We can introduce better attitudes and thought patterns through this, as well as steer away from beliefs and ideas that we carry with us that don’t do us any good.

I’m getting positive, sometimes glowing feedback from people who are calling in regularly. Read the PDF with the details here.

Listen and download it here.