Think you need psychic/energetic protection?

Short answer: You don’t.

It’s been coming up in my world so much since I left for Vancouver, BC 1o days ago. Many people perceive or are told they need protection from external energies.

But protection is based in fear. How is a fear-based attitude going to let you evolve? (Hint: It isn’t. Can’t be done.)

All things fear-based are rackets of the linear, logical mind either to keep you from stepping into your power as an energetic being (because it/ego doesn’t want to die) or because it doesn’t know that it is not the be-all, end-all of the entire universe, which it thinks is its consciousness.

Instead, get deeply grounded. Get seriously in your body and make peace with what you find there. Know you’re safe. Know that you have the right (and be willing) to say “yes” and “no” when appropriate. Get to the place where you trust yourself enough to make the right decision.

These handful of ideas cover the lower 3 chakras, the foundation of your energy field. It’s absolutely critical to get these cleared out, in order, and flowing together well if we’re going to run our lives sanely and move in empowered directions to do what our souls have us here to do.

Get a charged tiger iron stone to help wiIMAG1073th this, and do the free 13-minute meditation on my site to clear out your field daily and get your energetic head on straight.

You can also call me for a reading or energy work session. The latter I call Calibration & Release, as I calibrate you to the confident, loving, empowering energies of Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron, a potent combination.

I’m doing a lot of energy work these days – calibration & release sessions. To really get to the core of what holds you back, you need someone to bring in empowering vibratory states and remove what blocks you. I’m doing it a lot these days – and I love it. Helping people move ahead is why I do this.