Ascended Master Djehuty on Using Charged Onyx for Trauma & PTSD

With Sun-Mercury passing through my 3rd house, Moon in my 12th on Pluto-Venus, and transiting Venus on my 3rd-house Jupiter in Capricorn, I sat down to ask Djehuty some questions about healing trauma using charged onyx stones, something he’s been asking me to explore and do soon. The following is unedited and includes his feedback for me on my process in learning about crystals and working with them (cutting, polishing, and charging them energetically) for the last year.

A few times each week in the short term I’ll sit down with him, and once in a while I’ll publish the results. You might enjoy an inner look at the process that unfolds as he tutors me in something I’m invited to learn.


Tom: Djehuty, what can you share with me today about PTSD?

Djehuty: Separation.

The fragmentation of portions of the energy field.

Parts of self that in fact represent aspects of self. That carry essential connectors of selfhood, the bits that bridge gaps between disparate parts of self.

They are needed in order to be and remain whole, and to care for the self. To nurture the self in ways that lead to feeling whole and being at peace.

Peace is not available when there is a noticeable absence of essential elements of self.

Tom: And so parts of self need to be called back in order to heal PTSD?

Djehuty: Yes, but it is not the same process as I have taught you and that you teach to others, the simplified and no-middle-man process of fragment retrieval. [Tom: Called soul retrieval in shamanic traditions.]

Because the parts of self left during something terrifying and painful, or something that happened so suddenly that a rift in consciousness was ripped into being, the process is different. I will share this with you as we continue with this project.

Tom: As I’ve asked about tools I might develop to assist people in healing trauma, you’ve pointed me toward black or a dark form of onyx. I’m just now beginning to tap into the levels of consciousness and running energy that will enable me to charge such a crystal to heal PTSD.

Djehuty: Thank you for your willingness to explore these topics. The way that you are wired offers a depth of potential for helping others heal trauma. Now that you have learned more about managing your own energy after working with me and Metatron for quite a while, you are ready to get into this next level of work. In one way, charging tiger iron and red jasper was an intro course for you to experience what we envision will for you develop in accessing and bringing through frequencies to help people with serious problems. We – me and your guides including Metatron – recognize that sometimes you feel that you are a vessel but only a vessel, and you wonder about where your free will fits into your life. At times, we acknowledge, we ask you to do things that you might not ever choose to undertake and we ask you to trust that these things are important for your soul’s journey. We want you to understand that you are learning faster than some others how to bring the wisdom of soul through to your day-to-day life, and that you are doing so only because your soul has volunteered your human life to do it so that you can share with others what you learn about progressing along the human journey with a heightened level of conscious awareness. Thank you for your increasing willingness to trust what we invite you to do and suggest that you take on, though you often do not feel that you have a choice in the matter.

Regarding these crystals, you are developing an internal library of reference points for frequencies, a catalogue of sorts. You are learning to manipulate energy through intention and conscious intervention, through the use of affirmations and energy-work techniques that I and Metatron have been teaching you the last few years. You are, in fact, just at the beginning. You are learning to create bookmarks to particular frequencies by charging the crystals you are working with.

In the beginning of the process – with tiger iron – it was important for you to work with each crystal by hand during the cutting and polishing phases. I wanted you to experience many hundreds of hours working with the stones by hand so you could get to know the particular pathways that each opens up. And then in charging the crystals with the frequencies we taught you to access and manipulate, we intended that part of the process to deepen your experience of the particular frequencies and the pathways in your energy field that each kind of crystal opens. Said another way, when you charged dozens of tiger iron and brecciated red jasper pieces, it was a furtherance of your education. You have now spent a great deal of time with those frequencies and your lower three chakras are now tuned up enough that you can move to the next phases.

Onyx is part of the next phase. You have already seen that we intend that you charge onyx with frequencies related to Plutonian processes, and that this applies to your request regarding developing tools to assist others with healing PTSD specifically and trauma in general. Used intentionally, onyx will help a person ground and focus. It will open a pathway within the person’s energy field that has to do with a depth not often encountered in daily living. Yet remember that we began this conversation with you with the keyword for PTSD “separation.”

Any of the essential parts and/or elements of self that have left due to trauma are not foundational. This is to say that no matter how many or what kind of parts might have left due to trauma, there is a deeper part that never leaves and that must be accessed, grounded, and strengthened when trauma has occurred if these parts are to come back. The image we want you to work with is a foundational part of you that relates to the primal survival instinct, which is, of course, related also to Plutonian energy. It lives in your root or 1st chakra. This part of you is able to get through anything, even if you are disassociated emotionally. The strategy is to access, ground, and strengthen this part of you so that the parts that have left due to trauma have a foundation to come back to.

Consider the archetype that comes up in your mass entertainment media of a warrior who has been through so much that he or she cannot relate successfully to others as individuals or as a community. This has been portrayed in various kinds of stories, notably in certain films about the experience of soldiers during the Vietnam War. The energy is that of someone who has seen so many terrible things that a part of him or her has been partitioned off so that that the person can function and be successful in his or her job or role. The implication is that so much killing and violence has been seen and committed by this person that he or she is no longer normal.

From what you have seen depicted of this archetype in these entertainment media, you would never want to become like this character. But as you begin your channeling, meditation, and research on charging onyx to work with trauma, we invite you to teach methods of finding this deep part of the self that can strengthen the survivalist foundation within them. We are asking you to find this frequency while you sit in the presence of others, and also to charge these crystals with particular frequencies that will activate this part or level of the person, this root-chakra survivalist who can prepare the ground within the energy field to welcome back traumatized essential elements of self.

Tom: It almost seems counterintuitive to me to do something before inviting parts of self to return, since their absence defines so much of life with trauma. I was getting clear images earlier this week of inviting the parts of self that have left to come back. But this week I also remembered the client a couple of months ago who came to me with diagnosed PTSD after 3 tours overseas as a soldier who, in his words, was just about blown up 3 times. As I did energy work on him and invited parts of him to return, I had the nagging sense that I wasn’t really reaching him, that the energy work wasn’t really taking root.

Djehuty: And this is when you began asking about developing tools to support healing PTSD, I know. It is not that you were not getting through to him but that his foundation is in need of work before any such energy work can be effective, can hit the mark. You were and still are a bit concerned that you didn’t do something correctly, but this was the first time someone with this experience came to you. It happened because you are ready to learn to do it, and he was ready to begin the process of starting to open to receiving energy work to help him. It was fine and it served everyone involved.

The process for people with trauma using charged onyx will be slow, subtle, and deep. The frequencies will work under the surface in ways that the user may not notice for weeks or months. We will outline through you guidelines for people to work with these stones intentionally, as we have done with charged tiger iron and brecciated red jasper, yet many of the users of charge onyx will not notice changes right away. And, in fact, many might notice changes after a time (again, weeks or perhaps months) to parts of self or areas of life that seem to have nothing to do with PTSD or trauma. The charged stones will work in a Plutonian way, so consider the effects of that planet and its transits. A charged onyx piece will function not unlike a Pluto transit, opening up energetic pathways into and within the unconscious.

The process you will undergo to charge them will be new and unlike those for tiger iron and brecciated red jasper. We will ask you to sit in a space to access these deep parts of your unconscious self consciously, something you have been training with us to do for quite some time, which is reflected in your insights into Plutonian processes to deal with pain, grief, anger, jealousy, fear, and other emotions labeled difficult and/or negative. We already ask you to bring unconscious parts of self to the surface in order to parlay, so that you hear what they have to say (what they feel – what hurts) and integrate them. When you do this, you are altering your relationship with fear, etc., and learning to access deep passion and the deepest of passionate energy reserves that are available to you – as you say about Pluto once a transition from fearing to loving the energy within and parts of self vibrating in Plutonian energy: You begin to access your very own personal atomic power plant.

We are not going to share with you all the details of this process you will undergo before you undergo it. We have shared with you just enough so that you can understand that a unique process is close to coming to you. We want you to be able to prepare for this process but to think about it too much!

Back to trauma and PTSD, some people are disassociated and seem vacant. They are most in need of recalling parts of self that have left, and they will experience a charged onyx stone in the subtle ways that we have described. Depressiveness, despair, an emotional absence, a disconnection from the body, and other facets of this sort of after-trauma reality will be quietly altered as pathways in the unconscious are activated by the use of the stone.

Others are on edge as though a part or many parts of self haven’t actually left but have – so to speak – one foot out the door. These people are experiencing fragmentation in a real-time way, living out the effects of feeling split. Being on edge, living with and through anxiety, and experiencing fear and perhaps terror coming up on a regular basis, they almost cannot stay grounded. Intentionally using a piece of onyx charged with the frequencies we are preparing you to run and work with, these people will find that their expectations are incorrect – there is, in fact, nothing to fear. This will likely feel to many of them simultaneously as relief and an odd sensation, that they can relax, knowing that letting their guard down is not going to lead to disaster or further trauma. They will need to learn to work consciously with the parts of self that carry to trauma as a present-tense reality, and this is why we will provide some meditative and affirmation-based protocols for users to work with when they have one of the charged pieces.

Those who experience trauma and its affects will have a unique relationship to the feelings of strength, confidence, and power. Something or someone powerful or overpowering caused the trauma in the first place, and there is either a feeling of being disconnected and checked out or on edge with one foot out the door – not a feeling of power. Not a feeling of free will and the wherewithal to make the right decisions for the self at the right times for the right reasons, feelings that result from being whole and trusting the self and one’s power. What I want to address now is the revamped relationship with power waiting for those who have experienced trauma who use a charged onyx as you will prepare soon.

Those living through and living out trauma even years or lifetimes after it happened are living with energy fields that are not aligned. The leaving of parts of self that check out or step halfway out create imbalances in the person’s energy field. All elements of personality are not present. The person may be able to function in many ways including earning a living, having a relationship and/or a family, and other ways, but something is not right. All the people in the person’s life who are not traumatized or living with PTSD will be able to clearly recognize that something is missing or that something important has changed or withered, or simply can’t be found, but the person may not realize it right away. A human needs a variety of voices within the self to know the self. When they have left or begin leaving, the foundation upon which healthy, well-developed consciousness rests becomes imbalanced.

Right decision-making is not possible when living with trauma if steps are not taken to recall parts of self and integrate them for those who are checked out or disassociated, and soothed and grounded for those who have parts of self with one foot out the door. Self-confidence comes from true and absolute self-knowledge and true and absolute self-acceptance and integration, and this generates a sense of personal power. For some people living with PTSD or trauma in general, there is a sense of this power coming and going or not being there at all, depending on which category into which the person’s experience of trauma fits.

It is our intention that the onyx you will energetically charge will bring those with trauma to the point of encountering and integrating the power that lies within them. True power from self-knowledge and self-acceptance is available to all humans, yet trauma can prevent one from experiencing this. After all, something or someone else powerful has acted upon the person, changing his or her experience in undeniable ways.

Once a sense of power is encountered, the person might fear this energy. For some who have felt far from powerful (including strong, confident, able to be in charge of their lives, etc.), after the slow and steady work on the unconscious dynamics and opening deep energy pathways in the energy field that have not been accessed often if at all during this life, it might feel like a rush and a bit frightening. It is for this reason that the entire time one uses a charged onyx stone, he or she absolutely must practice grounding the energy field, consciousness, and body to the Earth. It is critical that all who use these stones do this. Remember that I wrote that many will not find obvious effects right away as the charged onyx works on pathways under the surface of the person’s conscious awareness, and so the grounding exercises must be undertaken on faith. Someone using one of these stones might think, “Hmm, I’m not seeing a difference in my experience using this stone for weeks or months so far, and this grounding stuff must not be working.” And so we emphasize strongly that grounding needs to be pursued and practiced even if major effects are not noticed by the person right away. It’s important for human health, sanity, and spiritual development in general, yet especially important when working with charged onyx to support healing trauma.

Tom: Thank you.

Djehuty: You’re welcome.