Full Moon in Cancer Tonight

cancerfm2014The Full Moon in Cancer is later tonight, opposing Pluto-Vesta with the Sun in Capricorn. Relax into a feeling state even if you’ve got a flag to wave. It’s the call to reconnect with how you feel even as you may perceive you’ve been fighting a war and can’t afford to stop. 
So, what do you feel? Do you think you can’t allow yourself to relax because no one else will carry on your cause? Do you think you’re in this life/your cause alone? 
Are you fixated on defending a principle at the cost of your ability to create peace, connection, and belonging? 
Are you willing to trust that you don’t have to fight? 
Are you willing to see that your attachment to your flag/cause might be keeping you from feeling loved – and loving?
Who said what matters to you has to be a war that you have to fight alone?
(FYI: Vesta adds importance to all it touches, and Pluto adds drama and passion/desire/fixation/obsession. Sun-Vesta-Pluto in Capricorn indicates the possibility of taking something way too seriously, defending a principle that others might not find as important as you find it (Vesta). With Vesta, we do something all the way or we refuse so that we don’t dishonor it and all of creation through doing it halfway. It adds a sense of what I call religiosity to what it touches.)
Oh, and there’s more: There’s no such thing as safety. The Capricorn struggle now (that the Sun is with Vesta-Pluto) can make it seem like certain things have to be done in order for you to feel safe. But there’s no such thing – I promise. Being secure in how you relate to and treat yourself – being aligned with your truth and honoring yourself – is the only thing that will really make you feel safe and secure. It’s time to learn that externally-projected tasks and doing will simply never get us feeling safe on the inside, yet when we create that emotional/spiritual security on the inside, the world around us organizes itself to reflect it – it becomes obviously, overtly true.
At the FM in Cancer, we need to relax into the moment and be with it – and be with whatever is needing to be felt and processed – but we also need to be clear that if something external now makes us feel safe, etc., then it’s a symbol of inner willingness. That state is never dependent upon or made real by external situations/others.