Finding the Goddess

Some thoughts as I process one level of Pluto on my IC squaring natal Venus-Pallas Athene in Libra/12th:

We’re all looking for the Goddess. We seek to connect with the loving energy that inspires a sense of safety, peace, calm, beauty, and grace. We’ve been so cut off from her in so many ways for millennia, since we were inspired to shift the balance to the masculine side of things (channeled book, written book) to attempt to shape the world into what our personalities desired.

When we make love with another, we’re looking for the Goddess. Either we seek her in another – whether our partner is male or female – or we seek to uncover her within ourselves. Lovemaking is a means of connecting with the Divine, and we are craving a connection with the Divine.

To find the Goddess, it is necessary to surrender to a sense of safety, peace, calm, beauty, and grace. Perhaps we come to making love through beauty and attraction, perhaps through kindness and generosity. Perhaps we get there through simple, uncomplicated desire. But we are seeking to recreate in this moment a relationship with the Goddess.

If we are not open, we cannot be the Goddess. We will not find and connect with the Divine. If we do not surrender to kindness with open hearts, we will not find her.

If we carry anger to our lovemaking, bringing frustration to the partner, we will not find her. We will find the result of millennia of feeling disconnected from the Goddess and attempting to live through that disconnection without losing our minds.

But what we lose is, in fact, our hearts.

As we live through a disconnection from a sense of safety, peace, calm, beauty, and grace, a  stance of open generosity and a spirit of acceptance, we may lose facility with the healing power of the heart. If we remain in that state, we will live with others, perhaps we will even join sexually with others, without the Goddess.

The Goddess does not teach us to give or take. She teaches to give and take always in an evolving balance, sometimes weighted this way and sometimes weighted the other way. She teaches us to insist upon presence so that we can create openness within ourselves … so that we can take that to another.

Love does heal all. But how are we approaching each other? Are we doing so through love? Are we inhabiting a sense of safety, peace, calm, beauty, and grace? Or are we frustrated about work, afraid about money, concerned about what might happen next? Are we perhaps tired of disconnection and bringing that to the partner?

Do we have expectations of the other? Are they rooted in what hasn’t been done for us in the past? Do they stem from how others haven’t loved us in the right ways? Is it possible that they are based in something other than the present moment, the one in which you and this other are attempting to open to find each other and the God and Goddess within each of you?

With expectations, we are not present. Without presence, we are acting out past or future fears or worries, living in another time and attempting to bring the other into a world full of our attempts to process perceptions energetic (love) credit or debt.

If we seek to get love, we cannot make love. If we’re looking for or avoiding something, we’re not loving.

We must realistically assess how we love and why, and what we might be trying to accomplish by loving. Anything we try to accomplish represents a lack of presence, indicating that we are not opening to finding the Goddess within or in another.  All that we consider, think, plan, and want with our human personalities is a marker for not being present enough to find, uncover, and open the Goddess in self and other.