2015 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show Notes, Part 1

Jars of secrets and bumble bee jasper rough
Jars of secrets and bumble bee jasper rough

The gem and mineral show in Tucson began a few days ago. It’s the largest of its kind, with 40 venues all over the city. It’s a big deal here, and people come from all over the world to buy, sell, learn, and display.

Last year was my first time, and I went to one venue 3 times and another two one time each. I had specific targets in tiger iron and a handful of other stones to get samples of and play with. In the last year, tiger iron and red jasper pieces charged with the grounding, clarifying, and empowering energies of my guides and tutors Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin) and Archangel Metatron have found homes on 3 continents. Those charged crystals are changing people’s lives, serving as book marks to the levels of consciousness of the two beings. Having one of these charged stones begins a process of unwinding past pain, confusion, guilt/shame, doubt, and regret, and helps people see a bigger picture beyond the fear-based limitations of their minds.

This year, what Djehuty calls “phase 2” of my crystal play/work is in effect. Tiger iron and red jasper are for basic clearing and strengthening of the lower chakras. Tiger iron affects the lower 3 together while red jasper activates and clears the 2nd specifically.

Giant brain-scrambling geodes lining the walkway into a vendor's tent
Giant brain-scrambling geodes lining the walkway into a vendor’s tent

Now, in phase 2, I’m beginning to work with onyx for Plutonian issues in general and trauma/PTSD in particular. Labradorite is the other current crystal, as it increases intuition in serious ways and enhances a feeling of being connected to spirit guides and higher self.

My first trip to one of the 40 venues of the show was Sunday, 01Feb15. I had in mind a particular size and shape of labradorite, hoping to get small, palm-sized pieces I could tumble. I found just a couple of rough rocks, what I figured I’d have to get, and then so many machine-tumbled pieces I almost couldn’t believe it. A number of them were the right size, but they look just like the ones I see advertised in bulk online that are machined overseas. I’d been working with my own piece of charged labradorite for months, and I felt acutely a lower energy with these machined stones. They had the energy of too-cheap labor overseas and having been shipped too much – they just didn’t feel good. I could clean them energetically, but I decided to keep looking. I went all over the grounds, quite a large show, and inside the buildings where jewelry, minerals, and fossils were on display.

Labradorite rough
Labradorite rough

Eventually, I found a tent labeled “mine owners and distributors,” which would definitely cut out part of the low energy I felt in the other stuff. I talked with the woman womanning the tent, who told me that it’s a family-owned mine in Madagascar (where much of the world’s labradorite comes from), and that they invest in the community. This stuff felt much better without her even telling me this, and then I found exactly what I wanted: palm-sized mostly rough pieces that I can tumble (pictured here). And they feel good! I bought over 150, about 27 pounds, setting me up for a while. And it turns out that they’re local, and I wouldn’t have to wait until the next gem show in 2016 to get more. An awesome find.

I had looked all over for onyx rough and didn’t find it. I asked this woman why she thought that was, and she said that one guy sometimes has it, but he gets his stuff from the Congo and things are not good there. The country is experiencing violence, unrest, and instability, so commerce isn’t happening smoothly. She said he lost 7 miners last year in the mining process, and that the energy of his products carries the negativity of what’s going on in that country and situation. I had seen his tent and avoided it because of what I felt, but had no idea why. He has a lot of malachite, stunningly beautiful, but both years I felt I should stay away. She put words to other things I’d felt but didn’t know/articulate, too, confirming those senses. I felt like my charged labradorite was definitely steering me right. My rock dealer here in Tucson has onyx, and I’ll have to play with some samples to see what the energy’s like and to find out from him where he gets it.

Stay tuned for more updates.

tdjmmTom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer, energy worker, and channel with a global practice of consultations, tutoring, and teaching. 15 books, 2 natal reports, a wealth of astrology and channeled audio, and charged crystals for healing and meditation are available via tdjacobs.com.