For the eclipse, free 4/3 & 4/4: The Uranus-Chiron Opposition MP3

This opposition is in play in the natal charts of great numbers of people born between 1951-1991.

Those of us born from early 1970 – March 1974 have the opposition highlighted tomorrow by the full-moon eclipse at 14 Libra.

Today and tomorrow, you can download this 62-minute mp3 for free at this link, usually $15.

Here’s the description from my site:

The Uranus-Chiron Opposition (1951-1991) 62 minutes.
Many born between 1951 and 1991 has these two bodies opposed in their birth charts. This talk goes into the symbolism of Uranus and Chiron individually (including channeling on new ways to view and use Chiron that I’ve been bringing through since early 2008), then looks at the opposition between them and how that dynamic plays out in each house pair. The opposition is then framed in the context of the energetic shifts we’re living through now on Earth, and the invitation to learn to transcend the apparent argument between them that might keep us from fully inhabiting both our Uranian and Chironic selves.

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