Vancouver, BC Update

For 2 weeks before and 1 week after arriving in Vancouver, BC, I was up to my neck in work stuff. Now, I can pause to process. Here are some pics of me and my booth at the Body, Soul, and Spirit Expo at the PNE Forum in Vancouver this past weekend.

expobusyHere’s a view of most of the booth with me reading, apparently, a book in Braille. Programmed crystals on the left, books on the right, info sheets in the middle. The book is, in fact, my trusty notebook, in which I was tracking sales and making notes on stuff and junk. You can also see the backs of the two chairs on either side of me, used for reading. For energy work sessions, wherein I altered my state of consciousness to match those of Djehuty & Metatron and then ask the client to open to share it, I stood. It turned out to be effective in drawing the energy of the Earth up into my body to begin the process, as well as to be able to watch the client better during the session to observe energetic shifts and body language.

expobksA close-up of the 5 titles I brought with me. It’s great to be able to point people to the channeled books so people can thumb through to get a sense of the energy and vibration of Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin) as I explain that I channel him. And with each of the books, occasionally someone simply has to have it without knowing much about it. Either their eyes or hands gravitate toward one of the books and after that, it doesn’t matter what I might say – they have to have it. All 15 of my books are in the Kindle and Amazon stores, as well as available through my site.

One of my favorite things to do at public events is collect audio of conversations I have with people, but I was so busy doing readings and energy work sessions that when I looked up, the event was over.

expotomAnd then here’s one showing most of the banner. Again, I was so busy that I didn’t get organized to make good photos of the booth and me in it to happen. And, to boot, in this one my eyes are closed. Probably a part of me is trying conserve energy for almost 30 readings and energy work sessions that my conscious self didn’t know were on the way!

The most challenging for me in doing multiday events is to remember to explain the crystal, book, or service about which someone’s asking in a way that recognizes that they’ve never heard of it before. After the first 10 or so tellings of anything, I get tired of hearing myself think and say it. I’m so Uranian that it’s hard for me to hear things for a 2nd time, let alone say them a hundred or more in 3 days. But I did it, and was able to connect with a lot of people getting their first exposure to the blend of disciplines and magick that I bring.

More than a few times I explained something magickal about what I do and watched the person hear it, and then process it and realize it’s different than what they’ve heard or experienced before. Some include that all emotions can be healed, that all fears can be faced, that astrology charts can be used to see the intentions of soul, and that crystals can be programmed as batteries to hold any energy that one wants, and that mine have Djehuty’s and Metatron’s in them.

More updates in separate posts on the way, and I’m off to Portland, OR Monday for private sessions and channeled meditation/energy work events.

expocrystalsTom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer, energy worker, and channel with a global practice of consultations, tutoring, and teaching. 15 books, 2 natal reports, a wealth of astrology and channeled audio, and programmed/charged crystals for healing and meditation including the new onyx pieces for Plutonian issues of all kinds are available via