Mercury Retro Update

The Sun and Mars are still in a follow-me situation, with Mars leading the Sun until June 13, when Sun passes Mars and takes over. At present, they are still in orb of being affected by Mercury retrograde.

It’s in Gemini this time. Mars with the Sun means we either want or need to take productive action to begin or further something. These two planets represent conscious choice. With Mercury retro in its own sign, though, plans may be muddied.

This is the obvious thing I often describe. Then I’ll advocate looking at why you want to do what you want to do, as a Mercury retro period can serve us by making us aware of expectations, thought patterns, and how and why we do things. It can help us go behind the scenes of our conscious minds to find out why it’s doing what it is, or trying.

But one of the best strategies with this kind of setup is to sit back and do less. Not while feeling defeated, but by letting things in the works breathe. Letting air get between the small moving parts of your linear, logical self.

Yet, to be fair, this can be unbelievably boring to those accustomed to doing. And, as stated above, Mars is leading the Sun in Gemini now, making the impulse to do a bit loud. Also, as Mars is in the lead, we’re talking about an impulse that precedes reason. The effect may be that we’re sometimes acting on what feels like instinct and then finding all the tools and processes around us not lined up, not working, or on vacation.

Realize that feeling left hanging in the short term isn’t the end of the world. If you let things unfold as they want to (as the altered Mercury-retro rhythms suggest), you’ll notice the right time to act when it comes. Just because it’s on your mind in this moment to do doesn’t mean that it’s the right time to do it.

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