Moon Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn While Venus is in the Last Degree of Cancer

Moon’s conjunct Pluto in Capricorn today, while Venus is in the last degree of Cancer. There’s an emphasis on allowing ourselves space to feel into what is really happening, what might be guiding our behavior under the surface. Venus in the last degree of Cancer may have us feeling a sense of urgency about needs, feelings, how we relate to others, what we offer vs what we receive (and the balance that each of us needs to seek in that area of life). We might not be consciously aware of the source of what we’re feeling.

Moon with Pluto is an invitation to allow ourselves to let trickle up into conscious awareness the deeper emotions that are flowing under the surface. If we don’t allow them into the light of consciousness, we can’t name, hold space for, and integrate or release them.

I’d expect some (many) of us to feel a sense of something unresolved within but not knowing what that is. Putting words to it can help, and with Venus where it is, allow that others (or a particular other) may be trying to come into your space to support you. If you’re feeling bristly and prickly because of the unresolved tension from underneath, you might not let anyone get close.

It’s okay to preface what you need to say with something like, “Hello, loved one or friend. Can you hear something I need to say even if not pleasant? It might be edgy or sad but is not about you, and I’m trying to figure out or name the burr under my emotional saddle. Convo might help.” Because the revelations possible when Moon meets Pluto in Capricorn can have an edge that sensitive others might, by default, think they need to shut out.

My recommendation: Feel what you feel. Always seek to see the symbolism of the situation making you feel it. Always stay (or return to being) open to seeing how you are creating discomfort or challenge through your vibrations, even if you don’t yet have conscious understanding of what’s going on or why … yet. Staying grounded creates openness, which allows space to unfold in which you can see the causes of things. In many ways, the entire human trip centers on learning to manage energy and emotion with intention. Venus, Moon, and Pluto today offer you a chance to traffic on a deep level of honesty about how that works and why.