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Beginning August 4th, I’ll teach a 5-week video class on 8 asteroids, 2 centaurs, and one point I use in my practice. They add dimension and layers to the stories in any chart, deepening the possibilities of using astrology as a tool to help us understand and improve our lives.

I’ll show you how to read between the lines re myth and archetype with all 11 stories. Myth is used for social instruction, while archetype is the thread within the human psyche that is the story we’re actually living. Myths tells us who to be and who not to be, and who we “really” are, while archetype relates to the process within consciousness that unfolds as we live the stories of our lives.

One example: Persephone’s myth (asteroid 399) seems to be about needing to be afraid of strangers and holding onto innocence because the world is hard – Hades snatches her to hell and forces her to marry him. The archetype is about learning to abduct ourselves into maturity when others might prefer that we stay innocent and helpless so they can define themselves as protectors and “mother/father knows best” types. We all have to grow up, and Persephone in your birth chart explains how, why, and when this process can be challenging … as well as how to learn to grow up intentionally without the drama of being sucked down into hell by some dangerous stranger.

PDF handouts to use in class covering the basics of each myth vs each archetype as well as the bodies and point in signs and houses will be included, making this class extremely valuable for adding these bodies and points into your chart work.

The videos will be broadcast live each Tuesday from 6:30-7:30pm Pacific/9:30-10:30pm Eastern August 4, 11, 18, 25 and September 1. The videos will be available afterward, too, if you can’t make the class time.

The schedule:
Week 1: Ceres & Persephone (399)
Week 2: Pallas Athene & Juno
Week 3: Vesta & Lucifer (1930)
Week 4: Eros (433), Lilith (1181), & Arjunsuri (20300)
Week 5: Chiron & Nessus

$88, $74.80 for subscribers to my monthly service. (Subscribers always get 15% off live classes.)
Register here using PayPal or contact me for another form of payment. Subscribers will find the right link on the private area of my site.

Register by the end of Wednesday, July 8th and I’ll send you at no cost the PDF ebook of Living Myth: Exploring Archetypal Journeys (usually $7) or the paperback if you’re in the US (usually $15.95 + $3.50 shipping). It covers most of the archetypes we’ll use in class, but it’s not an astrology book save for the last chapter, on Arjunsuri (20300). It’ll give you a head start on the difference between myth and archetype, preparing you to get into the astrology of the bodies – actually working with them in real, live charts.

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