Pluto’s Flyby Images Coming Through Now – Hear Kepler’s Live Webinar

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From last night:

Tomorrow morning, we see the first pictures of the planet Pluto from the New Horizons spacecraft. This is historic, and for me and many astrologers, pretty expletiving exciting.
To see images for the first time of what the bogeyman looks like up close. The monster under the bed we’ve been afraid to look at in the eye. The shadow side of ourselves that seems so ugly that, surely, we wouldn’t survive owning it and feeling what it feels.
We wonder about the cost of looking what we think of as dark in the eye, and we mostly can’t conceive of making friends with it without getting lost in greed, rage, revenge, and domination.
Tomorrow morning, we get a visual on the physical body orbiting our sun. We get introduced to the sight of the physical object that represents all these things we wish we didn’t, couldn’t, and wouldn’t have to live with.
When a solar system body is named, the collective is ready to allow the archetype associated with into the shared awareness. At that time, we get in touch with routes to express the energy, some of them unchecked and, even, unhinged (atomic power and the rise of fascism shortly after Pluto was discovered in 1930 as one example). Creativity related to that archetype might come out in full force as we sketch possibilities, move, writhe, dance, and sometimes struggle as we get to know the feelings of running that energy in our bodies, minds, and hearts.
But what about when we see it (even using tech such as New Horizons)? We begin the process of overcoming our ideas about it, much as when you were a kid and for the first time you met a person with a skin color different than yours. “Oh, you’re not like I thought; what I heard. You’re different.” And a dialogue begins.
With Pluto, we’re looking at growing into a development of heart-felt courage to look into what we perceive to be darkness within us, and make friends with that inner other. Being able to view the surface (even with the tech in play) marks the start of an evolutionary process that will culminate in, eventually, masses of people finally processing their fears about having and using power, and letting pain twist into maladaptive, destructive expressions such as power-over/power-under dynamics. All anger, abuse, and domination are sourced in pain – every single bit of it. To get to the pain behind Plutonian violence, we have to be willing to look very real parts of the human psyche that we want to think of as evil and demonic in the eye and find out that they’re not like we expected.
So, tomorrow, with the first images, a new level of dialogue about the truth of what a human is and is not begins. A new approach to the “why did that person shoot up that place and kill those people?” is seeded. We will get it. We can’t avoid learning through becoming aware of and loving the darkest of human feeling. And, as it happens, we can’t evolve as individuals or a species without doing it.
Conscious evolution for humans now is not developed by going into our upper chakras and wishing for the best, hoping we can ignore the truth of what we consider base emotions and ways of living. It is to be found in going into the lower chakras and loving our inner demons and rageaholics, our inner back-stabbers, our inner manipulators, cheats, and yes, our inner Hitlers – and learning to give them something intentional to do with their verve, passion, and will to change the world.
Tomorrow morning, this process begins.