The Cancer Full Moon Today at 6:24pm Pacific

I’m releasing these mp3s a day or two ahead of time – here’s the post from earlier this week including a link to download the 34-minute meditation mp3:

Cancer New Moon Meditation MP3I’m so happy to be doing these mp3s!

The second in a new series of lunation meditation mp3s will take you into a meditative space and explore the themes of the new moon in Cancer:

  1. who’s supposed to meet whose needs,
  2. the importance of allowing ourselves to feel but grounding emotion so we can work through it,
  3. the role of our emotional history & families in teaching us to become the source of love for ourselves (the point of each and every human life!),
  4. themes of the new moon as it’s conjunct asteroids Arjunsuri (20300), Eros (433), and Lucifer (1930), & trine retro Saturn in Scorpio and retro Chiron in Pisces, and
  5. the square to the new moon from Uranus in Aries.

It’s a free download and donations to support the process are welcome.

Get it here.

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