The Asteroid & Centaur Report, 17Jul15

Asteroid & Centaur Live Video ClassHere’s another installment in the Friday series!

Doing astrology well includes being aware of what’s going on in the sky. I tend to default to use of astrology as a tool for deep emotional healing, and these weekly reports and my monthly subscriber service keep the bouncing ball of my left brain following along with what’s going on in the sky week to week.

Most of these archetypes will be covered in the Asteroid & Centaur Live Video Class beginning August 4th. I’ll teach you to understand the mythic and archetypal threads of 11 archetypes I use in chart analysis. At the end of the 5-week course, you’ll have a solid grounding in how to approach interpreting the 4 main asteroid goddesses, Lucifer, 2 Liliths, Chiron, Nessus, Persephone, and more in birth charts. As you’ll see in the rest of this post, these archetypes add layers of meaning to the stories we’re living. Once you see the truth of them and how to track the energies in your own life, you’ll never go back!

Friday 17Jul15 asteroid and centaur report chartThe Ceres-in-Aquarius retrograde challenge continues. You can no longer get away with expecting that your needs will be met by a loving or well-meaning adult figure who will fill in all the gaps in self-love left over from your childhood. It isn’t going to happen. Your job here is to gain objective awareness of the patterns of love in your life and how many of them are centered on waiting for someone else to love and protect you/make you feel safe. Realize that this necessarily takes you into your life history. You’re supposed to be present now to what’s going on within you and to take grounded action to do what you need to do to make your life better. Also, it’s time to evaluate with honesty what you think nurturing and care are. Do you maybe need to do things for yourself to heal something or establish a good working basis for self-care that goes against the rule and expectations of your linear, logical mind? Still square asteroid Lilith (1181) in Scorpio, which is now direct, you’re uncovering layers of those expectations that go back to who’s supposed to do what for whom when. The thing is that no one’s supposed to do anything for you. No one owes you anything. It’s all about you. You’re the divine player here. All those other people your entire life have been playing mirror games with your soul to show you how to take charge of yourself and do what you need to for yourself.

Ah, Vesta. She’s moving into a square with retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, causing you to realize that tectonic plates, emotionally speaking, are beginning to shift about who’s in charge of you. Vesta inspires religiosity, the taking seriously of something to the point of devotion. We need to serve when Vesta’s in play. Currently in Aries, Vesta points out that the most important things can’t get done if we’re sitting around waiting for someone else to do them. The square to Pluto this week will put your attention on any feelings of powerlessness you may have that prevent you from getting those important things done. It needs to happen, yes. And you should do it not because no one else is but because it matters to you. Look at perceived obstacles and summon the courage to change what needs to be changed. Whatever it was that happened in the past that has you feeling soft and ineffectual now, take charge by getting present and putting the warrior within in charge of things.

In Virgo, Juno is having an opposition-style dialogue with Neptune and Nessus in Pisces, both retro. Juno in Virgo stimulates the need to be intentional about where you direct your energy. When directed by the mind, this direction can center on pooh-poohing and tsk-tsking. When you’re fully in your body and heart and listening to all three aspects of self, the direction comes through as conscious intent about the choices you’re making. The opposition the Pisces planets now says that in the face of slippery situations and others who seem to be put on Earth to distract you with their … “issues,” it’s even more important to make choices. This is a boundary clean-up call. Extreme responses employed before you align with the intense, divine, cocreative power of choice always available to you include a) blocking out other because you perceive all they bring is noise and b) giving into their perceived needs and chronic aimlessness and doing stuff for them that they need to do for themselves. The Juno side of this is that you’re in charge of where your energy goes. The Neptune-Nessus side of is that, at times, nothing needs to be done even when something seems out of balance. Sometimes you need to be for a while before you can see what the right thing is to do at the right time.

Today, the true Black Moon Lilith (BML) is retroing in the first degree of Libra. In transit, this point sort of whips back and forth between two contiguous signs for a few months before edging into a 3rd and leaving the 1st behind. Its motion can change every few days. If you want to track the true BML, note where it is at any given time and know that this is what’s being asked to open to instinct and an ephemeral sense of what could use an infusion of instinctive wisdom. Dancing around the transiting North Node in Libra, Lilith says that there’s an opportunity in learning to engage the other in new rhythms. She says that, often, you can’t control the speed at which you and others get each other. Relationships take time and you have to leave open space within dynamics without assuming you know what’s happening under the surface.

Pallas Athene still retros in Sagittarius, square Neptune in Pisces. It’s all about who’s in charge of slapping the label “true” on what. There’s a tension between beliefs you feel you maybe should defend and the energetic, resonant reality that you experience every day. Meditation’s good for a lot of things, but it’s perhaps best as a tool for intentionally evolving consciousness by becoming more energetically sensitive. Now you should be confronting the fact that something in your patterning/conditioning isn’t working and needs to be let go. The more you do Neptunian stuff (such as meditating), the more you lose certain levels of attachment to the rules and contours of the manifest world, of which your conditioned mind is part. Pallas Athene in her 5-month retro period is trying to get a stuck-in-belief part of you ground down through frustration that that idea or belief just still isn’t true, even though you’ve been waving the flag like a champ for years or, even, your whole life.

Lucifer (1930), Eros (433), and Arjunsuri (20300) still surround the Sun, all of them as of this writing in Cancer and trine retro Saturn in Scorpio. Light is being shined on the need to learn to constructively deal with emotions. They’re not going anywhere, people. You can’t stuff them. You can’t box them into tiny cramped spaces and consider them filed. They need to be felt but you need to become more conscious about how you run energy. It’s a complex conversation involving nutrition, stress, exercise, sex, using free will, and creativity, but emotions must be dealt with. The recent new moon in Cancer opened the door to feel more deeply what you’ve stuffed and/or denied, or felt you didn’t have the tools to cope. Now, you’re in it. It’s real. It’s here. Get grounded and be willing to feel, and decide you’re no longer willing to deny the truth of what you feel and what you know need to do about it (Lucifer-Eros-Arjunsuri).

Persephone‘s inching up to Eris, still in convo with Uranus in Aries. This speaks of a need to grow up in directions that may challenge others. They might not feel comfortable with the thought of you changing and you might not like the picture, either. But you’re stifled, and the water behind the anger-freak out dam is building. There’s no need to let it break the dam and doom all the innocent villagers minding their own business down in the valley. This stellium describes a need to free yourself from others’ crap while you take it as reflective of your own. Don’t like that person’s angry reaction to the littlest things? Okay, step away from it but realize that it mirrors something for you that you can, in fact, change.

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