Charged Pink Opal Now Available

Charged Pink Opal StonesCharged pink opal pieces are now available! Hear the 30-minute mp3 I recorded while charging the first batch in February and order yours here.

These are for opening your heart and learning to deal effectively with emotions, both those that are lingering now and those that have been stuck with you for far too long. (Yes, this stone will support healing other-life issues!)

When you choose your pink opal piece, you’ll have the option of adding on Release: A Course for Healing ($5 off) or a charged onyx piece with the Processing Trauma and Grief mp3s ($26 off).

So much of what I do is centered on emotional healing, and these charged stones are a fantastic addition to the toolbox I offer. Release and the trauma and grief mp3s are just two of those tools, and I’m happy to bring you methods and means to heal whatever’s stuck and lingering in your field.

This brings the total of charged crystals I make to 10. Check out all of them – there’s a wealth of info on how to use them and why.