Asteroid & Centaur Report, 31Jul15

Friday 31Jul15 asteroid and centaur report chartTuesday begins the Asteroid and Centaur live video class I’ll use to teach how to use many of the archetypes covered here in birth charts (hear the intro mp3 for free). If you’ve been following these Friday posts, you’ve been getting a sense of how important they are for telling the human stories we’re living every day.

Beginning with Ceres, she was widely conjunct the Aquarius Full Moon early this morning Pacific time, suggesting that what we need to release and move out of our lives involves certain conceptions of what it means and looks like to be nurtured. Also, the role of self and other in nurturing dynamics. Do you wait for others to love you in the ways that you require? If so, is there an inner kid in there who needs to let Ceres begin to take over in a healthy way? Retrograde in Aquarius, it could also be a cue to gain clarity on the stuck patterns that have followed you around through life. A body working through the lens of Aquarius is in need of innovation. How can you evolve beyond the past by letting your inner genius take over?

Juno spent a great deal of time traveling (including retroing) next to Jupiter over the last months. Now in Virgo, Venus’s regress from 0 Virgo to Leo may remind you of the need to look at what you do for others and why. Juno is with the true Black Moon Lilith (BML) today, which is passing back and forth over the asteroid repeatedly. Look at what you’re committed to and where those agreements come from. Many are in your head, or weren’t taken so seriously by others as by you, leaving you still following through on things that don’t need doing and, perhaps, have nothing to do with you. The two are square retro Pallas Athene in Sagittarius, making it obvious that old scripts (that are inevitably based in old ideas of who you are/should be/are supposed to have become) aren’t going to work. You bristle as you make the physical move to do the thing that’s not yours to do and/or has no business being on your plate.

But we’re really talking about a t-square, with Neptune and Nessus in Pisces opposing the Virgo stuff and square Pallas Athene. Both of the Ns bodies are retro (along with Pallas Athene and true BML), making for that bristling. Why was I going to do that? a present part of you asks. Then your mind, by rote, offers its reply. But it doesn’t feel right. And you suspect that you’re right to admit that it’s not, in fact, right after all for you to do. Neptune keeps drawing our attention back to the subtle truth of a situation, its vibratory reality. Gemini could be the solution to the confused tension: Look at what’s in front of you right now and explore what, right this minute, can or needs to be done. It’s not about fears of measuring up (Virgo), the clinging to sacred ungulates you’ve done too much of (Sagittarius), or the possibility that maybe you should throw your arms up in the air and merge with the Universe like you just don’t care (Pisces). Forward motion is possible if you let in some fresh air and take exploratory action.

Vesta in Aries is beginning to approach Uranus-ErisPersephone (399) in the same sign, building up kind of slowly to a realization that if you’re truly revolutionary, you don’t put off saving the world until some day when you have just a little more bounce in your step. Currently square Pluto, you need to feel into how your relationship with the notion of power has gotten you where you are today. Can you make effective changes in your world? Do you perceive that it’s appropriate for you to follow your own direction? As Pluto is retro, this is to some degree about past perceptions carried forward (during a retro, we need to reexamine why we do what we do). When you realize something in your life isn’t working well or needs to upgrade or leave, on what foundation does that realization rest? This is big because we all see what in the world we’d like to change, and your reservoir of strength needed to make a different is filled or depleted by your perception of what power is and what you have to do to get or keep it. Know yourself, your passions, your fears. Decide that you’re a divine being who’s come to this planet in your primate meat suit to try to figure out how to bring through love to access your divine self and make something better. We’re each here to learn to create positive change in some way and on some level. I know this because we’re each made of divine consciousness, which is love, which is giving.

Oh, the Eris-Persephone-Uranus thing. As I’ve mentioned in previous weeks, all Uranus stuff now (the need to individuate/free the self from what binds and cuts off emotional and energetic flow) involves Eris and Persephone. Eris is about learning to embody what’s real about you and accepting that you will ruffle the feathers of others sometimes, and that this ruffling is catalysis for growth as a conscious being. Persephone is about taking a leap into maturity, even if no one ever showed you the thing you need to do and you feel perpetually as if a 12-year old when it comes to that thing. You need to be free, and you’ve had years of Pluto-Uranus squares showing you what makes you feel stuck. Now you need to take the reins and be authentic even if others wince because you’re standing up in ways they feel they can’t or shouldn’t. Let them do what they do, and do what you need to do for you. The only real change that can occur in your life will come from you.

Lucifer (1930) and Eros (433) still run with the Sun, now in early Leo. Arjunsuri‘s (20300) not that far behind, and with Mars in Cancer. It’s a 14-degree stellium, presenting an opportunity to take yourself up on enjoying life more through grounded, self-interested action. As with all other humans, you came to this planet to learn to bring light through creative action. This requires investment in yourself, and then aligning yourself (ego) with what’s truer for you than the fact that ego likes to be right. You’re not here to be sheepish and quiet. You’re here to learn to get more vocal about what really matters as you humbly bring more and more light to the areas of life that inspire you to get lit up. But it’s about inner wisdom, and it’s about truth, and about developing power through loving expression, not about being right. So, check your motivations to see if you’re aligned with what’s true, and never let yourself get stuck for fear of being too loud.

Charged Pink Opal StonesFinally, Chiron still retros in Pisces, recently trining Mars in Cancer. The door to feeling is open, and because it’s retrograde, it’s time to look at the limits you may have put on the expression of your heart. This week I launched energetically charged pink opal, getting a tool into your hands that will support you in easing your heart open. We store stuff from the past (including other lives) in our 4th chakras, and we need to learn to manage that reality with conscious intention from a grounded place. Chiron’s all about nudging us open to feel more, and to evolve now as a species and as individuals, we need to consciously integrate the feelings inside us, release what needn’t be in there and what belongs to others, and learn to flow with the wisdom of the heart. Chiron in Pisces is holding space for you to run around like things are fine while emotional stuff that needs processing and releasing seeps to the surface. It edges up to just below the surface of conscious awareness, not going away until you devote some time and energy to a compassionate approach to the suffering and pain of self and other.

Chiron’s inconjunct Uranus in Aries for a while, creating a misunderstanding-based tension between the reality of feeling softness within and the need/urge to take decisive action. Both are real and true, both are needed. Choose to go back and forth to give each time and attention and you will find that taking grounded, conscious action helps move energy, and moving energy emotionally helps clear the way for the right grounded, conscious action to become obvious.

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