Asteroid and Centaur Report, 18Sep15

Most of these bodies and points are covered in the Asteroid and Centaur Video Course, which recently wrapped up. Learn how to understand 11 archetypes I include in my work and how to work with them in birth charts.

Bringing Light: Lucifer WebinarFor today’s report, I’ll start with Lucifer (1930). In October I’ll teach a 2-part webinar on this misunderstood archetype to show that it’s so far from about evil that it’s laughable. It’s about being of service, and bringing light (what the name means, after all!). Read more and register for the webinar.

The asteroid Lucifer (1930) is currently in Leo, traveling with Venus, Arjunsuri (20300) and Mars, all in Leo. Venus recently went direct, so we’re beginning to move ahead on stalled and stagnated issues related to relationship, money, skills, and self-worth. Lucifer inspires doubt that we should honor our power. Often we become convinced that doing Lucifer in our charts makes us egotistical. Well, here it is in Leo, conjunct a refreshed and renewed Venus! Yes, put yourself first so you can check the size and scope of ego and align on the right vector.

Arjunsuri in theFriday 18Sep15 Asteroid and Centaur report mix says that right values (Venus) and investment in self (Lucifer) need to be grown from the inside out, beginning with inner wisdom. Mars here is about the need and urge to take action to make things happen. So, yes to doing, but doing the right things for the right reasons and at the right times. Let your sense of what’s true guide you along the way, but definitely do something that furthers your existence project.

Eros (433) in Virgo and Juno in Libra are conjunct the Sun in late Virgo, and also the transiting North Node in Libra. There’s an opportunity (tr. NN) now in being fully aware of why you’re doing what you are. Does it light you up? Does it seem to need to be done? Is someone counting on you to do it, or is it right for you? Stepping away from authenticity here means creating a backlog of creative energy that will, simply put, stress you out.

Eros and Sun are opposing retro Chiron in Pisces, putting attention on barriers that you can’t overcome with intent doing/attempting to fix. Sometimes stuff breaks. Sometimes people don’t want the help you’re so good at giving. It’s also true that sometimes people can’t hear what you’re saying because they don’t get the vibration over which it’s coming. Let people and things sort themselves out. Let vibrational reality flow and let go of the perceived need to control how things go and turn out.

All of this makes a t-square with Pallas Athene in Sagittarius, while Saturn entered that sign again yesterday and left Scorpio behind for some years. Pallas Athene asks you to stand up for what’s right and true, and to make a stand for something. It’s about belief, but you can no longer get away with those old beliefs. Look at how they’re turning your life into a cray-cray mess and drop them. What’s worth doing? What’s worth feeling? Can you get away with looking ahead re the impacts of what you are choosing today? These are some questions that are going to come up with this t-square, and remember that tension always wants to resolve itself. No, it needs to. It will always find a way. Make sure you’re paying attention to your choices and how your beliefs have shaped what you think is possible.

Asteroid Lilith (1181) was just passed over by Moon in Scorpio. Lilith is trine that retro Chiron in Pisces and square the Leo bodies, while inconjunct retro Uranus in Aries. That’s a lot of convos right now for the asteroid about expected roles and turning over the status quo. There’s something true about you that you need to connect with in order to overthrow the old gods of your past. And to do it, you have admit vulnerability. You have to admit what you feel about the way things have been and how you want them to change, and how that feels. Asteroid Lilith carries an energy of being an activist, of addressing what doesn’t work in the status quo. If things stay as they are in your world, Scorpionic energy will back up and you’ll turn all cardboardy and tear-suppressing or, perhaps bitter. Get to the truth and run with it.

Ceres is now direct in late Capricorn. It’s been a long, slow square with retro Uranus-retro Eris-retro Persephone  in Aries. You’re supposed to get over the reflection in 3D of how things have been in your life and take charge of making it better. This is about health and wellness, and the general notion of who’s looking out for you. And it’s all about being your own boss and parent, but doing it in a grounded, sane way. Some kind of cloud of past expectations of you is ready to dissipate, but it can’t do so until you step into the present and own your choices.

On that Eris-Persephone-Uranus: It’s easy to sometimes not do what you know you need to do when you can tell how your actions affect others, but they’re here to get catalyzed just like you are. As souls living human lives, we can’t help but affect and trigger each other constantly. When you need to stand up in a crowded theater and yell, “fire!” then someone else needs to be waken up from complacency and inspired to make a move.

The true Black Moon Lilith (BML) is in mid Libra today, conjunct freshly retrograding Mercury and opposing Uranus, etc.  and squaring retro Pluto in Capricorn, which is just about stationing (will go direct in just under a week). There’s a lot of truth that needs to be spoken. The tectonic-plate nature of the square says that tension has been building. At some point, it’s gotta come out. True BML in this set up is about letting instinct reveal insights about what your linear, logical mind is not understanding. You might not feel in total control of your mind,  and Lilith says that it’s supposed to be this way. You can’t insist on being a computer forever. Sometimes, she says here, you see/intuit/know stuff that can’t be explained. And if your mouth is saying things that you’re not sure you want to, realize that interesting and change-driving things could be coming out. Get in your body/grounded, but let things unfold as they need to.

Saturn in the first degree of Sagittarius is now square retro Nessus in the first degree of Pisces. Do not evade what feels true! Reality-check time with Saturn in tension with Nessus, a source of instinctive knowing. Saturn says that you can, in fact, live successfully in two worlds (Nessus’s confusion and source of shame), but you can’t hide who you really are. You’re an animal, and you-as-animal needs to be present in your life if you are going to feel whole. Enough with splitting yourself down the middle to try to please everyone! It didn’t work for that baby in the Bible and it’s not going to work for you.

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