Saturn in Sagittarius: What’s Possible?

saturn_malmerCassini_5mA few years ago, I began to see clearly the differences in how we experience Saturn transits depending upon what we expect them to be like. A book resulted, which was probably the simplest to write of all of those I’ve published so far.

Because it wasn’t an arduous task, I didn’t think much about it afterward. But it’s turned out to be pretty popular with readers because it reframes Saturn natal placements, returns, and other transits in terms of how you choose to see them, not what might happen that could be awful. It gives a positive interpretation of what Saturn in transit asks you to do.

Now that transiting Saturn is in Sagittarius and isn’t going back to Scorpio for 20+ years, the planet’s reality-check methods are working through the lens of Jupiter’s desire to see things as and be big. My full take on this is in an mp3 I produced to lay it all out for you.

Your beliefs are up for evaluation, as Saturn’s asking you to see the conceptual framework according to which your life unfolds. Sure, a planet working through Sagittarius seeks to be big and needs to expand. But what’s the foundation of expansion? Has the structure of your belief system even been chosen by you?

It’s about thoughts, expectations, and imagination, and how those can get crystallized in ways that don’t work for you. But you didn’t realize that they had become crystallized. Now that Saturn’s in Sagittarius, you’re being shown if there’s work to do regarding how you see the world.

It’s true that what you think and feel manifests reality around you – this new-agey thing is, in fact, how it works in this dimension. If you see things in your life that don’t work for you, know that they are symbolic manifestations of the contours of your beliefs. I’m talking about health, relationships, money flow, work – everything. You are constantly manifesting what you believe.

The trick is in seeing the belief behind the scenes that’s manifesting what doesn’t work. Saturn transiting this sign is going to directly challenge you to intentionally unravel the thought patterns you have daily. They are shaped by the beliefs you carry, both conscious and unconscious. The reality check awaiting your attention is methodically observing with realism and openness the thought forms you’re actually generating and then tracing them back through your history to see the source. Ultimately, this is about getting present and releasing the hold that history has on you.


  • Watch your thought patterns daily and recognize honestly what energy you are creating through them. There are only two, with many varieties of each: love and fear. As a human you’re a soul here to learn to go from motivations based in fear (“there’s not enough”) to those based in love (“everything’s fine), and this Saturn transit can help you help yourself out of vibratory states that don’t serve.
  • Take everything in your life to be a symbolic reflection of what you are vibrating.
  • When something comes up that you want to change, ask yourself what the source of it is. When you get an answer, ask where that came from. Keep at it until you get an “aha” or feel a little wave of truth wash over you.
  • Ask yourself daily, “What’s possible?” and take time now and then to monitor what inner voices respond. Almost all of them are wrong! Have compassion for yourself that you’re shaped by experience (of course you are), and work through the inner nay-sayers and those who feel defeated after exhausting themselves by running your life with outmoded beliefs about what is and isn’t possible.

Tom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer, energy worker, and channel with a global practice of consultations, tutoring, and teaching. 15 books, 2 natal reports, a wealth of astrology and channeled audio, and programmed/charged crystals for healing and meditation including the new onyx pieces for Plutonian issues of all kinds are available via