May’s Featured Charged Crystal: Labradorite

After I work with a crystal and learn about it experientially for months or years, I energetically charge a set and make them available. For each one that I offer, I prepare some materials so you know what the stone is used for, how I experience, and what kinds of things you can expect when working with it. That what I offer is energetically charged with clearing, grounding, and releasing energy changes how the stone will function in your life, so teaching about them is important to me.

LA068But after I post a charged crystal for sale, I haven’t always taken the time to follow up. This month I’m going to post a few times with information and insights on charged labradorite to try to fill in the gaps with this beautiful stone.

The basics of my approach to it are on the page linked above, including a 34-minute mp3. Since recording it 14 months ago, I’ve continued to use it.

In that mp3 I state that labradorite is a great 6th-chakra stone. This is the seat of intuition, and also of linear and creative thought. In my experience as a professional intuitive, there are two kinds of intuitives. One kind gets info and shares it, sometimes confusing the listener, sometimes overloading the person with details about possible trajectories his or her life could take. The other kind is grounded, sensitive to energy, and conducts a reading according to what the listener needs to hear in that moment.

Using my charged labradorite, your 6th chakra is grounded to your 3rd chakra, the seat of gut instinct. This gives intuition a strong foundation from which to work. As I learned from Ascended Master Djehuty years ago, getting grounded and in fully in the body is the first step in developing intuition. He taught me that when chakras 1, 2, and 3 are activated and releasing/healing are in process, the 6th chakra naturally relaxes, opening your innate intuitive abilities.


Being a good intuitive is not about what you can see intuitively or psychically. It’s about how in tune you are with what needs to happen in the moment and responding intentionally and with self-care and self-respect. Grounding intuition in your body means not just getting insights but confidently using them when the time is right and for the right reasons.

For those looking to understand more about and develop your intuition, there’s still one spot open in the online Intuitive Skills Development I course beginning Sunday, May 15th. After we work through chakras 1-5, we bring in charged labradorite for a week and you see more about how your mind works and better ways to view what’s happening in your life.

Check out the energetically charged labradorite currently available from me here. For all who get a charged stone, I offer email support to help you understand the adjustments the stone will make in your life.

Being energetically charged, they are giving off the frequencies I put into them. They function as batteries, and the current will enter your body when you hold or carry them. With labradorite, I recommend having it in a pocket or bag for a few weeks until you notice seeing things in a new way, which I’ll also describe in a future post.