Services Update (Thanks, Larimar!)

Currently I’m working a personal and professional re-org, clean-up process as a result of spending a great deal of time with a stone relatively new to me, larimar. It will ask you what you’re surrendered to, which can inspire awareness of your behaviors, attitudes, and choices that require adjustment to remain in or recover integrity with yourself.

Since purchasing about 1.5 pounds of it 10 days ago with the intention of polishing and energetically charging it for sale to you, I’ve begun a process of realizing where I leak energy about money and time, and the links to self-esteem.  It’s making certain things apparent in how I can tweak how my business and services are structured to feel in integrity.

Two quick FYIs:

1. Soul’s Journey Soundbites are now a seasonal offering. You can order them during two periods each year: the solar months of Cancer and Capricorn. Leading up to each solstice, I’ll announce here and through social media that they are available. You’ll have the month to order them, and then allow two weeks for delivery.

For the energy and time they take, the current prices on them don’t work. Making them available during two windows each year is my compromise for still making them available but not raising the rate to reflect my commitment to my current hourly rate. Essentially, for two months each year I’ll offer a reading sale in the form of the Soundbites, which will be the only reading sale I offer going forward.

For the time being, I will not offer AstroCartoGraphy Soundbites.

2. The True Black Moon Lilith report this Summer will be automated through my site. Currently, I put these together by hand. It means interrupting everything else I do to sit down and do admin work. And it means about 25 minutes of my time including looking up the transit and progression dates and figuring the relevant aspects with my eyes and brain.

When it’s automated, you’ll enter your birth data and payment info during checkout and then will receive the report via email pretty darned quickly.

Until it’s automated and I’m still doing them by hand, the rate has been raised. I wanted to keep the report available, but putting them together by hand at the old rate was an energy leak and making me stressed and begrudgy every time someone ordered one.

20160428_212518There will be more updates as I go. The larimar is powerful! I should say it’s a powerful teacher to help me see what’s out of alignment and in what directions I leak energy. Plus, I’m learning about the undercurrents of my consciousness that have thus far been willing to leak that energy and why. It’s pretty profound.

I’m currently polishing some larimar pieces (pictured above) and expect the first set will be available this Summer. You can hear a channeling I did on this beautiful stone when I energetically charged the first set in March on SoundCloud.