Charged Labradorite: Grounding and Balancing the Mind

charged labradorite piecesLabradorite is my energetically charged crystal of the month.

In the first post in this series I mentioned that the way I charge labradorite connects the 6th chakra to the 3rd. This helps you know what do to with intuitive information when you get it.

The 6th chakra is about mind, intellect, perception, and even daydreaming. The 3rd chakra is the seat of gut instinct, a visceral kind of knowing that your mind often can’t explain.

When the 6th chakra operates on its own, your mind can appoint itself dictator for life. It can convince you that it is you, in fact. Mind has the job of trying to protect us and, as a result, often its work centers on fears. What happened in the past that can’t be allowed to repeat and what might happen next are its main categories of focus.

Most people are not attuned to the 3rd chakra. Many carry judgement of self and other here. Regret, guilt, shame, and doubt seeded by past experiences in which it looked like you made a mistake or didn’t act when you should have live here.

LA016To truly trust your gut, you must contextualize those past situations and decisions in terms of being a work in progress. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself unwilling to be in or trust your body and gut instinct. And this is the major source of why humanity is out of whack re the body, diet, healthcare, and sexuality. We’re all carrying judgments of ourselves for making mistakes.

When you begin using an energetically charged labradorite piece from me, the 6th and 3rd chakras are connected. The blocks in each can begin to dissolve as it will feel good to be in your body.

To have these two chakras connected and flowing together means giving your body input into your decision-making process. Grounding your mind means giving it a solid foundation in your body. Mind is less inclined to run away with its fears because you simultaneously have an additional source of information – what it feels like in your body in a particular moment.

Another effect that these labradorite pieces from me have is balancing the logical and creative minds, usually called left and right brain respectively. With a foundation due to the connection to the gut (3rd chakra), imbalances between the two sides of your mind begin to smooth out.

If your left is dominant, it’s about planning, schedules, numbers, and accomplishment. If your right is dominant, you’ll identify as creative, intuitive, or mystical and might have trouble with planning, schedules, numbers, and accomplishment.

My labradorite pieces will help you catch any preference you typically have toward one way of being and begin to learn to come into balance. It’s about habit, but the presence of the energetic current coming from your labradorite will cause a vibrational shift in your energy field. You can let it help you retrain yourself by catching yourself when excess wants to assert itself.

MDAll of my energetically charged crystals function as batteries giving off energy currents that open pathways in your field. You’ll feel it energetically and physically, and as a result of closed pathways opening, you’ll also feel it emotionally. Labradorite is the least emotionally-affecting of all the charged stones I offer. The photo at left is of a client who purchased a charged piece from me and then found himself at a fair or expo getting his aura photographed. The predominance of purple is an effect of the labradorite, and the photographer said she’d never seen anything like it.

In fact, while I offer email support to everyone who gets a charged stone from me, I’ve never gotten any confused or stressed requests from those who get them. Essentially, its mind-opening and -clearing effects can bring some peace pretty immediately as the pressure the left brain has put on itself to protect you begins to relax.

It’s an amazing stone! See the pieces currently available.

In a few days I’ll post again on the intuitive pattern-recognition effect that is one of the most important aspects of working with labradorite, including some personal experiences of seeing the truth behind a thing and immediately seeing stress about it go away.