The Scorpio New Moon Channeled Meditation

scorpio-2016-new-moon-chart31 minutes, $8. Included as part of my subscription service.

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Ascended Master Djehuty gets you grounded and then leads you through a series of self-interested, empowering decisions to own and accept all parts of you.

A Scorpio new moon brings the opportunity to choose to face unpleasant energies and emotions within yourself. As we mostly avoid those elements of self, we keep ourselves from spiritual evolution and empowerment through denial and shame.

In this mp3, Djehuty asks you to own the power of self-acceptance that is part of your Divine nature.

This one’s all about unflinching, unashamed, unapologetic self-knowledge followed by unflinching, unashamed, unapologetic self-acceptance, the teaching for Plutonian empowerment I’ve been bringing for a few years.

One point from Djehuty in this one: Choosing to intentionally manage energy removes the need to fear that you’ll lose control of your emotions.