Scorpio Stories

When the Sun’s in Scorpio, as it is now, its a time of looking at deeper things. Energies and emotions that are difficult to deal with are stirred during Scorpionic times, and sometimes we seem to be tested as to what we can handle.

The unseen in any of us will eventually rise to the surface, and so the question we face when it happens is what we will do in response to it. We can shut down in the face of pain and anger, or we can choose to learn to process such feelings and proceed in our living even though they exist.

This is about intensity that we usually point to in “that’s not really me” type declarations and explanations. We see distasteful and destructive behavior in others near or far, and we comfort ourselves by repeating a mantra that we’re good, nice, and kind.

Well, we are, but we’re all things. As humans, we’re a collection of all possible motivations. Scorpionic times are when we find out that we can’t deny what’s true, including these things within us we would like not to be true.

You can lie, steal, cheat, blame others, lash out. You can withhold the truth, harbor urges for revenge, and manipulate others for whatever purpose you want. You can hurt others, and you can lose control of your emotions and wonder if you’re a monster.

Understand that each person is a collection of all human potentials. These can come out as stories we live – archetypal processes common to all – or they can live in our minds and hearts and not see the light of day.

Also understand that Scorpionic processes are about transforming your relationship with and experience of energy and emotion. If you do Scorpio right, you confront what you fear, hate, and regret, and you’re challenged to keep your eyes open.

You have the option of keeping your heart open, too. As we’re talking about parts of self that are in the main unpalatable (anger, resentment, jealously, rage, etc.), this is about keeping your heart open to these natural threads of humanity within you.

But you have to be willing to face any and all such intense feelings within you and stay present. You have to be willing to get grounded and accept that these elements of self exist.

And you have to be willing to live with – and, in time – love these parts of your natural human self.

on050Recently I’ve been working with onyx for all of this kind of stuff. I cut, polish, and energetically program pieces. For me, as a Scorpio with a deceptively strong Pluto placement, I’ve always had access to parts of me I don’t like and would not like to be around. But it’s necessary for growth and healing to choose to become strong in the face of fear, the Scorpionic transformative process mentioned above.

When I’m drawn to either cut/polish or energetically program onyx, I know it’s a sign that something needs to come up from under the surface. It’s not pleasant, and as a couple of my clients can tell you, I’ve repeatedly reported that I usually don’t/can’t connect with the stone. But that’s because it can be challenging to have deep, intense emotion come to the surface.

Onyx is my featured programmed stone of the month, and you can see a video explaining more about what it does and how to work with it:

The key to using programmed onyx is to regularly decide that you’re stronger than pain and fear. You can get a head start on this by getting grounded by using my free 13-minute meditation linked from my home page, and I also offer a host of channeled and energy work mp3s to support this, too.

Because you’re human, there is guaranteed to be stuff in you you’re not sure you’re ready or prepared to feel and deal with. It’s normal, and no one should be ashamed for sometimes feeling intense and ugly emotions. (Remembering that anger comes from fear and pain can go a long way toward becoming willing to meet Scorpionic challenges, for the record.)

My process lately has been digging under the surface to uncover and consciously work with other lifetimes of slavery. The recently released channeled book Slavery and Soul from Ascended Master Djehuty reflects part of my process, as I routinely ask D. for insights into how to understand the soul’s perspective on what I’m working with and how to heal it. He’ll answer just about any question, and some of his answers to me about what I’m seeking to understand become channeled books.

However you approach dealing with what scares or angers you, what makes you feel less than strong and confident and in charge of your life, there are tools and perspectives available. And more truth is always better – waves of tension held back behind self-judging walls need to break. When they do, you’ll feel better. You’ll have learned more about yourself as an energetic/emotional being, and you’ll feel more in charge of operating yourself consciously.

The Sun’s in Scorpio this year until November 21st, so there’s still plenty of time to let yourself feel into what you might usually avoid feeling. Always remember that the wisdom of Scorpio is that you’re always better off with more honesty, especially when you can’t at first accept what you see in yourself and feel. The process of accepting yourself is part of the spiritual growth game all souls are cycling through, and the solar month of Scorpio is an important time to sit down and take a good, long look at what really makes you tick.